Take a Walk on the Wild Side – Safari Decorating

A living room with a safari-inspired fireplace and a desk.

Wild, warm and wonderful.  A safari decorating theme captures the essence of these words and turns a room into an oasis with warm, rich woods, colorful textiles, woven accents and a bit of mystery.  Do you dream of the wild Serengeti, where lions roar and wildebeests thunder across the plains?  Bring those dreams home with furnishings, textiles and accessories that embody the spirit of the safari.

A living room with a zebra print rug for safari decorating.
Photo courtesy of decoist.com

Mix rich wood, sumptuous leather and woven furniture pieces.  Introduce color by using textiles such as patterned throws and pillows, animal print upholstery and rugs.  Natural elements are a must for a safari decorating scheme.  Plants, wood and natural fibers bring authenticity to the overall theme.

Framed prints of wild animals such as lions, elephants, zebra and giraffes can be used to accent the space.  Historical prints and maps of Africa would look great as well.  Paint the walls a neutral color such as sand or soft beige.  For a bolder touch, paint the walls in a dark terracotta or sage green.  If you don’t want bold color throughout, simply paint an accent wall.

A living room with a thatched roof and safari decorating.

Tribal elements, such as masks, accent the space and can be hung with prints.  If you have had the great fortune to travel to Africa, display the treasures from your trip.


The safari theme can be taken even further in children’s rooms by adding murals and over-sized stuffed toys.  Surrounding their beds in netting or canvas will give them a cozy place to sleep as they imagine being camped out on safari.

If you want rooms that are warm, unique and a little bit wild, go ahead and take a walk on the wild side with safari decorating.


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