Dining Room Designs Inspired by China Patterns

A spacious dining room with a large table and chairs, featuring an exquisite design.

Whether you are faced with an empty dining room that needs an all new design or you simply wish to update and refresh an existing design, inspiration is sometimes hard to find.  Looking through decorating magazines can give you great ideas but those ideas are based upon someone else’s particular taste and lifestyle.  If you want a truly original design for your dining room, look no further than your china cabinet or in the boxes of china you’ve yet to unpack.



Perhaps you have a set of china received as a wedding gift or pieces that were handed down through generations of your family.  These pieces are what can serve as inspiration for the design of your dining room; a design that is very personal to you and your needs.  Note the colors, trim and style of the pattern you have chosen.  If it is formal and your taste follows suit, guide your choices based on that.  If the pattern is more contemporary and simple, you may want a dining room design more tailored to that.



Use the colors of the china or contrasting colors for the dining room walls or upholstery.  If there is a distinctive pattern in the china, duplicate this pattern in the lines of the furniture, fabric patterns and trims.  Accessorize with gold or silver if there is a banding around the dishes.  Choose one of the less dominant colors in the dishes for your main color in the dining room and blend in accessories or trims in the china’s stronger colors.

The Fresh, Colorful Interiors of Summer Thornton



By using what you already have to design the dining room, you not only save money on accessories but you have a clear idea of color, style and pattern.  Finding inspiration for a dining room design is as easy as just looking around your home.



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