Unique and Stylish Game Rooms to Inspire

A unique game room with stylish purple walls and a pool table.

Game rooms have evolved over the years, now becoming a sought-after space in the home for gathering family and friends.  Instead of just creating a ho-hum space with a pool table, game table and maybe a bar area, let’s explore some unique and stylish game rooms to inspire you to create a little something more.

A stylish game room with a pool table and a tv.
Unique modern game room (Zillow)

Glam it up with a luster finish on the ceiling and a modern pool table with a crystal light fixture above.  Design the space so that it flows with the rest of the home and you can incorporate it into an unused room if you don’t have a dedicated space such as a basement or bonus room.

A unique and stylish game room with a pool table and chairs.
Beautiful modern game room (HGTV)

Incorporate a color scheme and use materials that are a bit more refined and elegant.

A stylish game room with a pool table and a bar to inspire.
Stylish game room (Pinterest)

Do something interesting with the architectural features of the room, such as a raised ceiling.  Install decorative molding and accent lighting to highlight these areas.  Paint a scene on the ceiling.  Give the space a boost with personality.

Unique and Stylish Game Room featuring a Pool Table.
Stylish game room (houseplansandmore)

Make sure the room you choose has ample space for playing pool, if that is your intention.  Placing the pool table in the center and other games or seating around the perimeter of the room opens up the space.

A uniquely stylish game room with a pool table to inspire.
Luxurious game room (srau.tk)

Dramatic lighting, unique wall treatments and comfortable seating make the game room more luxurious.

A stylish game room with a shuffleboard table.
Unique game room design (correctlydesign)

Nothing upgrades a game room quite like a unique pool table that makes a bold statement.  If the pool table is the centerpiece of your game room, make it stand out and demand notice.  Invest in a pool table that speaks to you as any piece of furniture would.  Shop for quality and unique characteristics.

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A stylish game room with a chandelier.
Unique game room design (linkedin)
A stylish game room featuring a unique pool table.
Modern billiards table takes center stage in this game room (connellinteriors.blogspot)
A stylish game room with a unique pool table and brick wall.
Unique billiards table by Brunswick Billiards (2luxury2)

If you do not have a designated space for a game room, try a multi-purpose pool table that can convert into a dining table when not in use.  These pieces make it easy to integrate a pool table into the home.

A stylish room with a unique table and chairs.
Unique two-in-one billiards table (homedsgn)

The basement is the tried and true game room space, generally large enough to incorporate multiple areas of entertainment.  Make the most of the space by designing a layout ahead of time and designating each area for specific activities, such as playing pool, card games or watching movies and relaxing.

A stylish basement featuring a pool table and a staircase to inspire unique game rooms.
Sleek modern game room (affluentblacksofdallas)

If this is a room in which you will be spending a large amount of time, make it into something special.  Incorporate nice finishes, flooring and fixtures for a more comfortable space.

Unique and Stylish game room with a pool table and bar.
Highly stylish game room (decoist)
A stylish game room with a pool table and a bar.
Sleek and modern game room (bestofinteriors)

Create a space that is right for you.  Splurge on better materials and furnishings that make you feel good.  The game room is a space for leisure so make it comfortable and stylish.

Unique Stylish Game Room with a Pool Table.
Modern game room (memorabledecor)

You can create a unique and stylish game room with luxury finishes, a statement pool table and all the amenities for entertaining.  Go outside the box and make your game room anything but ordinary.


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