Trend Alert: Ombre in Decorating

For the past few years, the ombre color effect has been seen on hair, clothing and wedding cakes.  This trend is now emerging stronger in interior design.  Fabrics and wallpapers have been created in the ombre style and interior designers and do-it-yourselfers are embracing the ombre effect in paint.

A bench in front of a verdant green wall.
A dining room with an ombre wall.

Ombre is a gradient range of color from light to dark.  This effect is best used in moderation and with a careful hand, making sure the end result is subtle and gradual.  The finished effect should be similar to a watercolor, where one tone blends into another seamlessly.

A living room with ombre walls and green furniture.
Ombre walls and window treatments are fresh and lively
A blue and white room with an ombre chair and rug.
A woman is walking up the ombre stairs in a white house.
Ombre paint technique on stairs by Nicki Bongiorno

Fabrics, wall and floor tiles, wallpapers and rugs are all available in ombre and can be used in the home to create interiors that are fresh and appealing.  Painting a wall or a piece of furniture with the ombre effect is a great way to make a statement.

A living room with ombre blue couches and a fireplace.
Purple ombre curtain in a bathroom.
An ombre shower curtain in pleasing shades of lilac
A blue and white ombre living room with wicker furniture.
Dawn A Jones Design

Experiment with the direction of fade when painting ombre.  You can go from dark to light or light to dark to create an interesting and unique effect.  Take cues from paint color swatches to achieve the right look, as these colors are already displayed on the sample card in a gradient manner.

A couch with ombre pillows and curtains in front of a window.
Photo, BHG
A rustic bed made out of wooden pallets.
Turquoise dreams
An ombre staircase with blue railings and a bench.

Decorating with ombre lets you experiment with color and gives interiors a fresh look.  It can enliven a space in a subtle manner and provide a unique splash of color.  Incorporate the ombre trend into your décor through fabrics, wallpaper, tiles, rugs or paint technique.


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