Creating a Master Bedroom Sitting Area

A master bedroom with a chandelier.

Do you desire a space to relax and rejuvenate within the refuge of the master retreat; a place that is free of life’s distractions and chaos?  Some master suites are designed with a designated sitting area, but if not, creating your own is within reach.

A sitting area with beige walls and furniture.
A master bedroom sitting area with two chairs and an ottoman.
A comfortable area for relaxing

The components of a master bedroom sitting area are comfortable seating, functional accent pieces and plenty of luxuries such as plush throws and pillows.  A footrest, side table and lighting are additional elements that can add the ultimate comforts to the space.

A blue and white master bedroom with a bed.
A master bedroom with white furniture and a bed.
Comfortable chairs and a functional table serve this master retreat sitting area

Start by designating the space you wish to use for your sitting area.  Carve out a space by windows, in a small alcove beside the bed, or at the foot of the bed.  Separate the space with an area rug and arrange an intimate furniture grouping around the rug.

A master bedroom with a chair and a lamp.
A cozy seating area by the window
A Master Bedroom with a large bed and a chandelier.
A seating area by the window

Complement the space with cozy throws and plush pillows.  Add a lamp if task lighting is needed for reading.  Place a footstool or ottoman by the seating for added comfort.

A master bedroom with a white bed and yellow accents.

In a small master bedroom, a settee at the foot of the bed or a comfy chair in a corner is sometimes all that is needed for a cozy retreat.

A master bedroom with a white bed and a white dresser.
Photo, Houzz
A master bedroom with white furniture.
A luxurious corner for her
A Master Bedroom with a sitting area featuring blue walls and a fireplace.
An elegant seating area is stylish and comfortable

Consider how the master bedroom is currently arranged.  Is there a space that is not being used efficiently that can be turned into a master bedroom sitting area?  Sometimes all it takes to create the space you need is to rearrange furniture and do away with pieces that are unnecessary.

A Master Bedroom with two chairs and a bed.
A perfect pairing
A master bedroom with blue walls and yellow accents.
A serene bedroom with a window-front seating area
A sitting area in the master bedroom with a couch, chairs, and a rug.

Creating a master bedroom sitting area is a matter of carving out a space for relaxing, be it by a window, at the foot of the bed or in a corner.

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