Textured Wall Treatments That Are Surprisingly Easy To Pull Off

A modern living room with a beige sectional sofa and textured wall treatments.

Textured wall treatments are surprisingly easy to pull off in your home. In fact, they can make a simple and elegant statement…no paint brush required!

Because textured wall treatments are very eye-catching, make them the focal point of a room. Choose one accent wall to treat. Indeed, a single focal wall keeps the look fresh and modern instead of fussy.

Of course, the wall treatments you choose must reflect your own personality. They should enhance the look of your room, not detract from it.

A living room with a textured brown wall treatment.
A modern living room with a beige sectional sofa and textured wall treatments.

These faux leather wall treatments give a classic, traditional look to each living room. The first living room has traditional furnishings and accessories. Indeed, it’s a regal feel. On the other hand, the second living room has a fresh, casual feel. This is because they kept the accessories to a minimum and selected furniture with clean lines.

The common factor in both living rooms is the richly appointed faux leather wall adding warmth and texture.

A bedroom with a bed and textured wall treatments.
A pair of suitcases on a wooden floor in front of a textured bamboo wall.
A room with a bed and a bedside table featuring textured wall treatments.

Also, consider bamboo for textured wall treatments. This Asian-inspired look is fun and fresh. People in Southeast Asia have abundant bamboo. In fact, they have used it in their homes for centuries. It’s certainly an affordable material. It adds a warm, tropical feel.

Pump up the “wow” factor!  Add pops of vibrant colors against this neutral textured material.

A hallway with a wooden floor and textured wall treatments.
A bedroom with a bed and a bedside table featuring textured wall treatments.
A brown couch in a living room with textured wall treatments.

Hit the bricks! Bricks are traditional textured wall treatments with an update. In the middle of the 20th century, designers covered up these hidden treasures with wallboard.

Fortunately, we have fallen in love with bricks again. Nowadays, decorators are tearing out the wallboard. Bricks are partially exposed or fully exposed. Additionally, they are restored to their former glory.

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Indeed, no look at textured wall treatments is complete without mentioning these hidden gems.

A bedroom with textured red and brown wallpaper.
A bed in a bedroom with a TV on the textured wall.

Of course, no study of textured wall treatments is complete without mentioning flocked wallpaper. In fact, this is one of the most affordable ways to add texture to your design. Today’s flocked damask wallpaper is available in fashion trend colors, like aqua. Or, you can get traditional shades like reds and brown.

In short, textured wall treatments are your personal choice. Let your choice reflect your personality.

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