How to utilize glass in the kitchen

A kitchen with glass cabinet doors and a white counter top.

Glass is a really appreciative and visually beautiful material that can be suitable in almost any style of decoration, especially modern. With new methods of glass processing, it has found its possibilities in places where it was previously unthinkable. In kitchens, usually, there were tiles on the wall, stone or marble on the counter, and glass could only be found in the cabinet door variant. However, as there are now extremely durable glasses, they can be applied in many ways. Here are some of the inspiring examples.

Glass instead of tiles

The glass on the kitchen wall, i.e., the glass panels between the lower kitchen elements and the hanging ones, is a trend in interior design that many have tried. There are certain advantages of glass over ceramic tiles. The glass is easier to clean, less dirt collects, and there are no joints that many do not like, which is challenging to maintain.

A series of pictures showcasing a glass counter top in the kitchen.
Since there are no joints in the glass, you will find the glass much easier to clean, especially with a stove on which you are constantly cooking

Besides, the glass looks very lovely, and everything the host wants can be applied to it. With glass paneling, you can be quite bold and choose vibrant colors, especially if the rest of the kitchen is in light tones. The black glass will also be very effective and will look elegant.

The glass on the counter

The glass is grateful for maintenance and cleaning. If you don’t scratch it out in particular, it can look perfect for years without noticing traces of aging. Of course, take care to place the resistant glass on surfaces that you often use and are exposed to shocks, weight, etc.

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Glass counter tops in a kitchen.
All that matters is that you choose tempered glass that will be able to withstand all the challenges over time

The significant advantage is that you can choose almost any color from the palette for your kitchen, and you can apply a variety of prints as desired. The downside of selecting quality glass will probably be the product’s higher price, but if you opt for it, it will surely look beautiful in your kitchen.


Mirrors in the kitchen, instead of kitchen tiles, are a part of history that has recently started to reappear in modern interiors. Popular in the ’70s, this decorative detail was once associated with bars and old restaurants, but brings a welcome element of surprise to space.

Four pictures of a kitchen with glass in the stove and oven.
Mirrors will help make the space look bigger and have more lighting

We can’t deny that the mirror in the kitchen is useful in many ways because it protects the wall from stains that occur during cooking and visually enlarges the room. By placing a mirror between the upper and lower kitchen cabinets, you can bring a touch of glamor into your kitchen and spice up its traditional decoration a bit. Since the mirror reflects light, space will be much brighter than if you opt for classic tiles.

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