Decorating Your Home in Neutral Colors

Decorating your home in neutral colors is anything but boring.  Warm soft beige, crisp white, nature-inspired khaki and cool gray are calming and serene in the home.  Elegant or casual, contemporary or traditional, decorating in neutral colors fits any design style.

A living room with neutral-colored couches and a fireplace.          A dining room decorated in neutral gray colors.

Right photo courtesy of HGTV

Pattern and texture from fabrics, wood and accessories add interest and depth to the neutral room.  Layering various shades and tints of neutral color adds dimension and keeps the room from appearing too flat and lifeless.


A kitchen with wood beams and a dining table decorated in neutral colors.

Lighting a neutral space adds dimension and brings a nice warm glow to the room.  Work lighting into your neutral space in layers, beginning with ceiling fixtures and bringing in lamps for more illumination and task lighting.

A decorated living room with a tree in the middle, featuring neutral colors.          A neutral living room with beige furniture and a fireplace.

Right photo courtesy of Decorating Den

Combine more saturated colors with a lighter neutral palette, such as silvery blue with gray, chocolate brown with beige, light gray or beige with white, and touches of green with khaki.

A living room with large windows decorated in neutral colors.          Designer, Glen Lusby Interiors

Paint trim white for the ultimate contrast.  Define the entire space with clean, crisp lines in furniture, accessories and window dressings for a very refined, modern look.

A neutral-colored bed in a bedroom with a painting on the wall for decorating purposes.          A living room with white furniture and neutral-colored decor, featuring a fireplace.

Right photo via

Wood furniture in a mixture of grains and patinas warms a room and lends texture and character to the space.  For a lighter aura, use glass or acrylic coffee and accent tables.  Anchor the space with a textured or patterned rug.A neutral-colored living room featuring white furniture and a chandelier.

Accessorize with glass and metallic pieces or bring in a few boldly colored accents to add flair.  Play with different shades and tints of one other color for added interest.

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A bed in a neutrally decorated bedroom.          A cottage-style mantle with decorative plates.

Create a focal point with a large painting or sculpture, which will also build character into the space.  If you have a fireplace, enhance this natural focal point with a splash of color by hanging artwork or by displaying interesting objects on the mantle.

A living room with gray walls and white furniture decorated in neutral colors.          A cozy living room with a fireplace decorated in neutral colors.

Left photo by Werner Straube, designer Gail Plechaty via Traditional Home

Neutral spaces are timeless, elegant and serene.  Whether you prefer the cooler essence of gray and icy blue or the warmth of beige and brown, decorating your home in neutral colors is always in style.



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