Design Inspiration from Scandinavian Style Homes

A dining room with a round table and red chairs designed with inspiration from Scandinavian style homes.

Scandinavian interior design has its roots in minimalism, and its popularity has spread across the world for its focus on the most important elements of a room and its ability to promote informal and open family living and entertaining.

Scandinavian climates make it difficult and unpleasant to entertain outdoors, so living rooms are used as the busiest and most popular room in the home, where families spend time together which is valued and cherished.

Design Inspiration from Scandinavian Style Homes with black island.
Cooler colours in dark tones maintain the room’s subdued atmosphere (
Design Inspiration from Scandinavian Style Homes featuring a living room with a rocking chair and a fireplace.
Grey on white decoration is reminiscent of a snowy outdoors (

The focus on minimalism means that only items with a function or a clear purpose are included in the design. Everything must bring calmness, encourage communication, be informality and promote togetherness.

A Scandinavian-inspired living room featuring plants and a tv.
Using white as a base creates a blank canvas for personality (

White is a popular colour in Scandinavian design, with most rooms that follow the trend incorporating an all-white colour for walls and some furniture. The white gives the room a pure and open atmosphere, but allows us to place emphasis in what matters the most.

A living room with a fireplace and a cowhide rug featuring design inspiration from Scandinavian style homes.
Personal possessions on show make the home unique and personal (

There is a huge focus on family life, so if you do need to add a bit of colour and decoration to a minimalist room, why not incorporate your children’s drawings or a favourite piece of artwork? Make it personal and make it count.

A dining room with colorful chairs and design inspiration from Scandinavian style homes.
Bold chairs stand out in this quirky wooden dining space (

Dining as a family is an important part of Scandinavian cultures, and therefore dining tables that are accessible, informal and comfortable are at the forefront of design. Light wooden dining tables and chairs are popular and look fantastic, but if you’d like a bit of fun and creativity you can always add a warming splash of colour.

A white living room with a fireplace and green chairs, inspired by Scandinavian style homes.
A brick fireplace surround nods to the great outdoors and raw materials (

Scandinavian design also champions the great outdoors, so natural materials including stone and wood are a huge part of interior decoration.

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