Decorating Your Home With Bold Neon Hues

White backgrounds are a great starting point for decorating with neons. Stick to really bright hues but contrast these against a large white backdrop. This won’t just give your home a more open and contemporary feel, but it will draw maximum attention to your striking bright accents.

Just one bold accent in one neon hue can have a massive impact on your home (
Mix contrasting neon hues for a contemporary and varied interior design style (
Balance our neon hues with muted and neutral hues to bring balance to your home (

When it comes to neons, don’t be afraid of clashing colours. Stick to a neon theme and go for it. A full spectrum of neon colours can look outstanding, with a white or muted background to neutralise the colours and harmonize them.

Rainbow hues will give your home a unique style, and provide a colour palette where anything goes (
Neon patterns and prints will give any home a feminine and grown up edge (

If you’re a colour lover and packing in the neon brights excites you more than it scares you, get the colour charts out and get going! Even a muted neon tone can provide a wonderful backdrop for a neon themed home, without hurting your eyes. Choosing the right colour partnerships can look as charming as it is fun, and will appeal to all ages.

If you want to create fun and adventure, go bold with your neon hues and minimise the balancing white space (
Mix neons with pastels for an unusual and striking colour palette (
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