How to Choose White Paint Colour for your Home

A white dining room with a table and chairs.

It is very difficult to choose the perfect white paint for your wall even if white shows purity and simplicity. When you step in a room which is painted in white the space feels balanced. However, when you enter a room which is too-yellow or too harsh the walls scream out for negative attention. To choose a white paint you need to look at various aspects says interior designer Thomas Peasant.

Every shade of white can be linked to an emotional response. Consideration of mood is extremely important for you start to paint. The shades of white can be compared to the temperature of water. The brightest and purest white can be considered to be cold water whereas warmest ivory can be considered as being hot water. The brightest bold white can be considered as a dip into the pool with cool water which stimulates and awakens you. You can think of ivory white as a time that you spent in a warm tub and this relaxes and calms you.

The shade of white that you will choose will help you in determining the style. If you want to give your room a bolder or modern look you should go for brighter whites. This will create sharp contrast when colourful and neutral fabrics will be used. But if you are going for a mellow look go for warmer whites which create an artificial glow even on rainy days.

Before you paint a room, consider the purpose of the room. If you are painting a room which is used to relax such as a bedroom or a sitting room choose a shade of mellow white. But if you are painting a place which gives a stimulating feeling, the colour needs to feel warm.

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After you have determined the mood, style and purpose for the space test the shades. It is recommended that at least three different shades should be tested in the same room with the brightest spot, darker corner and ceiling. According to Peasant, whites are reflective so one needs to look at them on a sunny day and in the evening. Also environment and lighting have an enormous impact on the perception of colour.

Ceiling is often overlooked but it plays an important part in the overall look and feel of the room. Ceilings always appear darker so you will want to brighten a naturally dark space. Consider mixing pure white pigment with shade of white that you selected for the ceiling. You may not notice the difference but this mixing will brighten your space.

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