8 Superb Ways To Make Your Home Space Look Bigger

A spacious living room with hardwood floors and a stunning view of the city.

People sitting on a couch in a living room, creating an inviting and cozy space.

Space is essential, we know that. Not only do we need to place our furniture and store our things. But we must take into account the area that we need in order to move inside the apartment and the space we need to give more depth to your rooms.

A green-walled living space with a tv.

If the lack of space is a problem in your compact home, in this article, we want to show you simple and innovative ways to make your spaces look bigger. It only requires a little order, imagination and motivation.

We’ll see!

1. Prioritizes lighting

A spacious living room with large windows and skylights.

The right combination of colors is a primordial element to create illusions of depth and space. To highlight the bright textures always try to allow natural light to enter as much as you can, so that it mixes with textures and bright colors, creating an effect of depth and luminosity that will dazzle.

If the areas are dark, think of abundant artificial lighting. If your ceilings are too high, make the lights brighter.

2. Use mirrors

A bedroom with a spacious layout and a large mirror.

Creating an artificial depth with mirrors is one of the simplest ways to increase the feeling of space and make your home or room look more spacious. While it is true that what gives a mirror is not the physical space, it does grant a visual space where open spaces can be extended, creating a depth that is not useful, but rather a transformer when space is very small.

3. Opt for minimalism

A spacious living room with couches and a coffee table.

Use this decorative style to maintain uniformity in the arrangement of your furniture and decoration. Few furniture and plenty of space for circulation will give your house a unique, harmonious, and super spacious style.

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4. Opt for lighter shades

A spacious modern living room with roller shades.

Applied to ceilings or walls, the color of the room is very important when we talk about space. Always the illuminated and bright tones contribute to the sensation of space in any room, especially when bright surfaces bounce light, natural or artificial, providing new sources of light and a reflection that, as we see in the photo, is perfect for spaces reduced.

5. Use small but practical furniture

A space with a white and pink living room.

The smaller your decorative elements or furniture, the better. Furnishing with only what is necessary is essential to make any space larger. Use simple, small, and functional furniture that does not use more space. In this photo, we see a desk and chair that, in addition to generating space and allowing the use of furniture in different ways, is elegant and plays well with the tones of the piece. As an alternative, a piece of furniture like this should be well attached to the wall, to create even more space.

Look for furniture that fulfills several functions at the same time, such as a sofa bed or trunks that turn into a desk. There is much variety!

6. Decorate sober

A white furniture space with a fireplace.

When space is lacking, leave the decoration to the minimum. So as not to fill empty spaces with elements that are not practical. You can, of course, decorate your walls at your choice. But the important thing is not to over-decorate and disrupt the view of a place that should be practical for its space. Decorating only the right and necessary, ensure a clean and clear environment.

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7. Integrate your settings

Two pictures showcasing a spacious living room with a glass partition.

There is always a drastic option of removing walls to remove separations from our spaces. If we want, we can create new separations like functional furniture or sliding glass doors that add depth and fluidity on both sides. Remember that we can play with the decoration and the volumes of these new separations to achieve the greatest comfort.

8. Do magic, being ordered!

A spacious white home office with a large window.

Beyond any trick or advice, we can give you, the real magic is in you, your habits and customs. It is super important to be organized in a small environment, especially in a department.

Therefore, a certain discipline of order and the habit of leaving everything in place is essential to keep your areas free of obstacles, clean and deep, with a sense that there is room for everything.

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