How Real Estate Technology is Changing the Way Homeowners Sell Their Homes

A man advertising a house for sale.

When it comes to buying and selling your home, it’s essential to stay on top of how the world of real estate changes from year to year. Real estate technology has changed the way the entire industry operates, and you need to stay informed if you plan to participate in it as a buyer or seller. Truth be told, being tech-savvy has almost become as important as having general knowledge about buying and selling real estate.

Utilizing Virtual Tour Technology

We use technology to save us time in every way possible, and touring homes is no exception. Many buyers and sellers use virtual tour technology in order to give the buyer a chance to look at the home without actually being on-site. Not only is this a huge time-saver, but it also allows for sellers to be much more flexible in scheduling tours for potential buyers.

The only drawback to virtual tours is that they’re not quite as accurate as seeing the house in real life. However, as technology improves from year to year, virtual tours are becoming an increasingly attractive alternative to live tours.

Building a Dream Home Using Virtual Staging

Virtual staging allows potential buyers to see your home not as it is, but how it could be. Not only does this save a great deal of time, money, and effort, but it gives sellers a higher chance of selling their homes based on the potential that they have. Imagine using virtual staging to fill up an empty room with furniture and other interior decor items that are suited exactly to the taste of your buyer!

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The popularity of virtual staging continues to increase. More and more home sellers are taking advantage of the great opportunities that it presents. By using their home as the canvas, it allows sellers to paint a picture that speaks to their potential buyer.

Real Estate Apps

Smartphones and tablets put a great deal of knowledge and opportunities at our fingertips, and real estate apps are no exception to the rule. They allow buyers and sellers to connect in a streamlined, simple way to help them both reach their goals more efficiently. As a seller, you’d be remiss if you ignored this highly advantageous method of advertising your home.

In fact, there are certain people who prefer to shop for homes on their mobile devices. As a seller, you need to be sure that your listing looks great not only on the web but on a mobile device as well. This gives you a much better chance of reaching a wider audience as you sell your home.

Opting for Only the Best-Quality Photos

The professional standard for picture quality has changed drastically just in the past few years. As somebody who is seriously trying to sell a home, it’s almost mandatory to use high-resolution photos if you want a buyer to take your posting seriously. Excellent pictures allow buyers to clearly see the home that you’re advertising, and they allow you to promote an overall sense of professionalism as a seller.

Many home sellers have used drones to get breath-taking, professional photos of their homes. You can even use them to make a video that captures the property from all angles. The days of run-of-the-mill, ground-level photos being used for real estate ads are far behind us.

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Using E-docs

Not only are e-docs far more convenient than paper documents, they’re also better for the environment. The convenience of being able to read over everything on a device, sign it, and send it back is great for everyone involved. Thanks to e-docs, you save the time and energy that would otherwise be spent on a real-life meeting.


Successfully selling your home in today’s market means being on top of the latest technology. If you can utilize just a couple of the examples mentioned above, you’re bound to make the process of selling your home drastically easier for yourself.

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