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Roofing construction


Making a roof on the top of your house will provide you so many things, one for sure, the quality and safety which is given to you by completing this construction will be such an inspiring designed present for your careless life. Having a roof on the top is certainly the best present people could afford for themselves and it doesn’t matter how much it will cost as long as your safety is ensured.

Two men performing a roofing step on a house.


Firstly you should do a small inspection of the object. Look around and make sure about the quality of your house from the foundation to the top. Take a look at your house design as well and the area where the house is being located. Check the climate conditions of the environment during the seasons. This will make a strong idea of the way your roofing should be like.

If there are strong foundation and walls of the house your roof design could mostly be the desirable way. But, if there are some irregularities in your house material strength your choice for roofing must be drastically reduced. There are some measures for making the foundation and walls stronger by building additional pillars. Once you do this step, your future roof construction will endure all the weight and be safer.

If you are not sure about the quality of your house an expert team like Storm Pros Roofing And Construction Columbus will do this job instead of you. Most of the roofing companies provide a good selection of workers, experienced and trained to ensure the quality of construction. Each team is engaged for each step in a roofing job. The inspection team will check the area and give you the best existing proposal for building a roof.

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The role of the company is to provide you with all the construction material and send the best working team to finish the routine job. Once the working team gets to the reconstruction area, begins a good-quality roofing work on your house.

Material providing

In selecting the best material for roofing are some important facts. The inspection already mentioned should be detailed.  It is important to check the quality of your house object to further assess for building roof construction. But, the outside weather conditions are severely important due to the roof’s role is to resist all the conditions. If the roof is not strong enough and the area is, for example, too stormy, the provided material for roofing should be strong and high-quality.

A collage of different types of metal roofing featuring step-by-step installation process.

Roofing steps

Whether you are trained and have your own working team or you are going to engage professionals, you should be informed about the steps in building a roof. When all the material, tools and personnel are being provided, the roofing job could start.

The first step is the timber roof framing. You need to make a wooden construction, the whole frame for your future roof cover. Timber is being provided beside the rest of the material. It needs to be cut, sharpened according to the required size in order to fit in the general design of your construction. You will need an appropriate tool such as saw, grinder, drill, hammer, screws and nails. If you want to prolong your roof’s life, the wooden construction should be painted. It is also important to make a hole in the construction for future chimney and roof window. When you prepare the construction according to technical drawings you can pass to the next step.

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If you want to ensure your roof’s safety, a good waterproof foil should be built-in next. It goes over the wooden roof construction and it needs to be set tight and well-screwed to the wood.

Now, according to the drawing, laths are coming above the foil. It should be set crosswise and well-knocked everywhere on the roof construction. Notice that it is a part for future roof tiles to be set, so there is an adequate measure for a distance of two different laths. When you knock the laths there should be a visual equal square space between it which will provide the roof tiles fit into the mentioned space.

Between the mentioned steps, there needs to be a worker who will build a chimney. This object is usually made of bricks. You should put bricks in a square form with an adequate space between it which will be a good channel for smoke coming out from the fireplace. Several bricks form a straight line, in the beginning, then you put a plaster on it to ensure a secure bond between it. You are repeating the step over and over building it up and higher to the appropriate level. The chimney is being finished when you put a concrete square on the top which needs a frame of laths made first.

Furthermore, you need to put all the roof tiles on your made roof construction because it’s easier to do the roof covering when all needed material is nearby. It’s important to know that in order to make the process faster you need to provide more people to help to carry the roof tiles. There also needs to be more people for the roof covering and every one of them should take a different position in order to speed up the working. Putting roof tiles on the previous set laths is an easier part of a job. When you provide all the material and tool nearby, a roof tile is being set itself and it is matching like a puzzle.

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A roof with various roofing materials.

Meanwhile, you need to set the roof window. There is an intensified risk setting it because it is made of glass and you should be more attentive. There are some good ways of setting a roof window using foam. It needs to be screwed to the wooden construction to ensure its stability. Also, a sheet metal cover should be installed to prevent water from coming inside the roof. Sheet metal cover is also important for the chimney.

Setting the gutter system is one of the steps in roofing. Gutters are important for roof construction because all the water from the rain comes into this system. You can engage experts to make this system and the installation would not be a difficult issue. Using an adequate tool, screwdriver and screws, it could be set easily following the instructions.

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