3 Easy Steps You Should Follow When Choosing the Perfect Mattress

A person's hand is touching the top of a perfect mattress.

Most of us change our mattress after several years and that is just fine if you have a budget for it. But buying a mattress is not a small investment so it is important to determine if you really need a new one. In general, the average lifespan of a mattress is between seven and eight years. But it still depends on its quality and its material components.

If you are losing sleep over selecting the best mattress, this article might help you. We have listed the three easy but important steps that you should take before buying and during the actual purchase.

Ask Yourself If You Really Need A New Mattress

Our mattress is one of the major factors that determine the quality of our sleep. Because it is not a very cheap investment, it is important that you know if you really need to buy one now. One of the factors that you should consider when evaluating your need for a new mattress is the lifespan of the different types of mattress.

Latex, hybrid, and memory foam types can last up to 10 years or more. Airbed has an average lifespan of eight or more years. Meanwhile, waterbed, pillowtop, and innerspring types have an average lifespan of more or less seven years.

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Know Your Budget

The budget for buying a mattress varies from one person to another. Several years ago, the only alternative for buying one is to go to the store to see it for yourself. However, with the advancement in technology, many stores are now offering high-quality mattresses online. The heavy competition in the industry is giving customers a good run for their money. Numerous manufacturers are now producing top-notch mattresses at reasonable and fair prices. This allows customers with a modest budget to get a good quality mattress.

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However, not everyone can have the budget to visit a store and purchase a mattress for several thousand dollars. Fortunately, there are numerous countless options that are available now, especially online, with prices ranging from $500 to $1200. There is also a mattress sale being offered in some stores. Black Friday and Cyber Monday bed deals could also help you get the perfect mattress for your budget.

Select Your Ideal Material and Type

Memory Foam

This type of mattress is consists of memory foam known for providing great support, body contouring, and pressure relief. Memory foam earned the moniker sleeping hot. But, nowadays, there are many memory foams with more advanced designs. These are the ones with excellent cooling properties that offer a cooler mattress compared to the traditional memory foam.

This type of mattress is best for sleepers who want to have a mattress that offers a great hug, contour, pressure relief, body shaping, and support. Nowadays, there are many memory foams available in the market and not all of them are created the same. Memory foam mattresses are the better alternative for sleepers who need a more pronounced hug that latex or hybrid types could not offer.

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Latex mattresses are exclusively built for latex foam. It earned its reputation because of its comforting and cooling properties. This type of mattress is known for providing bounce, great responsiveness, cooling, and comfort. It is best for sleepers who would like to have a mattress with great bounce, responsiveness, and cooling. It is also great for sleepers who do not want the pronounced contour and hug that can be often found in memory foam mattresses.

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One of the most widely used and popular types of mattress is a coil. It is also known as an innerspring mattress and contains one of two layers of spring coils primarily made of steel. These coils offer comfort and support. The types, number, and layers of coils changes as technology advances. More coils mean better support and more comfort. This type of mattress is best for sleepers who want the customary coil and spring feel, cooling, great bounce, and solid base support.

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This type of mattress is made from a combination of memory, coils, polyurethane foams, late, and many other material components. Typically designed to offer maximum benefits and minimizing several disadvantages. For instance, memory foam & latex hybrid mattress can deliver great cooling, bounce, and responsiveness because of the latex. It also offers great support and pressure relief because of the memory foam. This type of mattress is best for sleepers who want to enjoy the best of both worlds.

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