Sleep Your Cares Away In a Sleep Chair

A recliner sleep chair on a white background.

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night still in your living room recliner with the TV playing an infomercial? Or maybe you’ve found yourself contorted on the couch with the sun in your eyes and discover that you spent the whole night in your media room? Either on the couch or the comfy chair, are you constantly not in your own bed?

Do you find yourself wondering, “What in the world did I spend all of that money for my luxury mattress if I was just going to pass out on the couch or in my chair?” 

A lot of new parents have found themselves giving up their bed to their brand new baby or toddler. If you can’t make it into your bedroom to sleep in your fantastic memory foam mattress bed, The Perfect Sleep Chair might be what you need. Being able to have a chair that allows you to sleep on it and not feel like your body is 100 years old once you get up sounds pretty good. Who couldn’t use a chair that would be good to sleep on if they can’t make it to their bed at night?

What’s going on in your body while you sleep?

According to, your body goes through 4 different phases during the sleep cycle.

  • Phase 1– This is light sleep. Your brain will start sending alpha and theta waves and your eye movements will slow down. This is the phase of sleep where people can take catnaps and this phase usually lasts around 7 minutes. You can also be easily woken while in this stage of sleep.
  • Phase 2– This stage of sleep will also find you in a light sleep, but this is also the stage where people can receive a power nap. Your brain waves will slow down during this stage and produce what is called sleep spindles.
  • Phase 3 & 4– This is deep sleep, finally. Your body will be harder to wake up and will respond less to outside stimulus. This is also the time where your body can start to restore things. It is during this time that it can repair tissue and muscles, boost your immune function, gather up energy for the next day, and stimulate growth and development.
  • REM sleep– This is Rapid Eye Movement sleep, which is a very deep sleep. You will reach this level within 90 minutes of going to sleep and each REM cycle can go for an hour. Your brain becomes more active during this stage and you can experience dreams. Your heart rate and blood pressure will increase and your breathing will get faster. During REM sleep, your brain will process the information from the previous day into the long term memory.
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A tan leather sleep chair.

We all know that sleep is incredibly important and we should be trying to get 8 hours of sleep per night, because that’s what we’ve always been told is what our body needs. No matter how much sleep you are getting, it should be incredibly comfortable. Being able to sleep in a luxury chair, you will get a great night’s sleep. If it has the lift feature, it will help you go from laying down to a standing position within a very short time. Some beds do have these features of adjustment, but sometimes they aren’t the most comfortable of mattresses unless they are in different positions. Personally, whatever brings the most comfortable sleep is what most of us need.

Being able to sleep comfortably and to feel rested when you get up is a must. Being able to experience a good night’s sleep in multiple places within your home sounds like a huge win. Now, if you have the most sleep worthy couch and sleepable chair, you may not want to share that with everyone. Your good night secret can remain between us. The great thing is that whether bed, couch, or chair, your home’s interior will be the perfect place for catnaps, power naps, or a good old fashioned 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

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