How to Use Drones for Real Estate Photo & Videography

A photo drone in front of a house.

The usage of drone technology for capturing the home and building as for use of real estate photo and video greatly effective. Because through the usage of Drones camera you are capture beautiful and amazing photos.  If your presentation is looking interesting, then you catch the customer interest in just 5 minutes. Many success examples exist in the world who must get success through an effective presentation. Today I am telling you how to catch the customer interest in just give through an effective presentation in real estate business. For making your presentation effectively use the best way of taking the pictures of home or building. If you use the simple old-style people hiring and taking photos is not effective these days. The main reason is increasing the use of the internet and heavily innovation in the technology sector.

Benefits of Using Drone technology in real estate

According to my point of many numbers of benefits, we get from using Drones in the real estate business. Some of explaining under below.

Create more Attractive and compelling photos

You are capturing highly attractive images by using modern fly camera or drone. Many kinds of drone camera available in the market that is easily operated by one person like the Phantom 4 etc. With using of drone, you can shoot like a film best scene. After the shoot the building or home videos. The second step is how to edit drone footage is not a tough task. If you learn one or two video editing software, then you edit your home or building presenting videos like professionals.

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Aerial view home pool drones

Capturing all aspects

Through using drone technology, I am capturing all the aspects of the building or home-like indoor and outdoor all the best thing captured that are necessary to show the customers. Specially we capture the surrounding areas of our building that are most important for the customer today. Most people want the beautiful surrounding of your home today your outside of the home environment is a great matter for your home or building purchaser. But sometimes when we have captured our surrounding areas we capture something very irrelevant then our video is demand editing. Editing is also a great impact on our videos or capturing photos presentation like great video editing formats and guidelines are available online.

Best Drone for real estate business

Many types of drone available in the market with different price and different features. There are two main players in the best photography camera making company one is Canon and other is Nikon. I am always recommended to beginner and professional both are DJI Phantom 4 Pro. Because according to my point of view it is the perfect camera for both of us. The main reason is the 20-megapixel CMOS camera. The second one is Yuneec Typhoon h is the second-best drone camera of the world. It has many awesome features like Six blades give us greater stability, it’s recharging takes three to four hours. Some other is also well featured like XIRO XPLORER, 3DR SOLO, etc.

Licensing and Insurance for Drone Usage

You do not use as commonly drone camera like a simple mobile camera because Due to privacy Issue something like Insurance and License are necessary for you. If you are Purchased the drown then you have also applied for taking a license for using the drone to capture the real estate outdoor photography and video shooting. If you hired for shooting an indoor-outdoor video for your real estate business, they also checked the drone operator having a license through FAA and insured.  Otherwise, sometimes you are facing many problems.

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Help to sell the house faster at the better price

The drone Aerial Photography increase the customer satisfaction level. Because through the usage of drone real estate agent or owner show to customer desired to choose home all aspects like surrounding areas indoor and outdoor both, complete land, the entire neighborhood, etc. All the things are helping to take a decision fast and satisfactory. Through using the drone capturing video during the presentation we are saving his time and cost both.

Drone Video and Real Estate

The drone video is helping the real estate agents to increase and vastly grow the business. The logic behind is capturing and highlighting the unique property aspects.  According to my point of view mostly agents hire a professional for making the video of his or her product awesome and like a professional. If you are a real estate agent or a business person with a great marketing budget, then you have also hire someone who made you videos professional. He takes a video of building through drone and after editing make a video. I think the Internet is always showing heavily trendy methods.

According to my Knowledge, you have faced only a single one problem that is drone usage restriction. Some places where drone’s usage is totally band. You are using the allow fly map for checking the area where the drone is not allowed. 

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