The Room-Transforming Magic of Daybeds & Why You Must Have One

A living room with large windows and transforming daybeds overlooking the ocean.

The trend of multi-purpose rooms is spreading like wildfire. More and more people desire fully functional, semi-formal looking rooms for added convenience and extra sleeping space. Whether you’re looking for extra sleeping space for guests, live in a studio/small apartment, or use your bedroom as an office, you’ll benefit from a daybed. Here’s how you can use these mid century modern furniture pieces to enhance your home and small space:

Emulate a corner sofa

Aside from the fact that introducing a daybed into your living room produces extra sitting and resting space, you can also use it to improvise a corner sofa. How? Place a clean-looking daybed such as Eileen Gray mid-century modern furniture piece by your sofa and next to a wall. By adding a couple of fluffy pillows next to the wall, you’ll create support for your back. This way, your daybed will be as functional for daily use as it is for napping. This Eileen Gray model comes in a variety of colors and upholstery materials, so you’ll easily find just the right color and the material to match your current sofa.

A chrome-framed daybed.

Sofa surrogate

If you’re living in a studio, or otherwise have a need for a sleeping bed in your living room, this Le Corbusier Daybed doesn’t look any different from an actual sofa. The collapsible backrest of this mid-century modern furniture piece easily transforms the mid-century modern furniture masterpiece in a single bed. Aside from that, this particular design from Le Corbusier fascinates with sleek elegance, and a broad choice of upholstery ensures you’ll find the right fit to please your eye.

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A black leather daybed on a white background.

Functional bedroom

More and more people these days use bedrooms for far more than sleeping. If you want to switch your classic bedroom to a multi-purpose room that will resemble a living room, then get a daybed. If needed, you can set it up as a regular sleeping bed. If not, you can proudly display this mid century modern furniture piece as-is, and the versatile design such as that of a Pavilion Couch will instantly give your bedroom a slightly more formal appeal. This way, you can host visitors in your bedroom, or have video chats without displaying your intimate surroundings.

A black leather daybed transforming on a white background.

Office Power Naps

If you spend a lot of time in the office, then you perhaps need an occasional nap. It’s not unusual for offices to feature daybeds for short power-naps, or brief work breaks when you need a couple of minutes to completely relax. Expert recommends a 15-minute break per every 3-4 hours of work. Why shouldn’t you opt-in for a simple, formal-looking daybed like PK8 daybed by Poul Kjaerholm? This adjustable, formal-toned design will fit an office of any style. It will provide extra sitting space for meetings, and adequate rest when you need to clear your mind.

A transforming daybed with a metal frame.

Daybeds are highly useful more than adding sleeping space to your living room. In case you don’t have a guest room, you can keep your mid-century daybed furniture in your salon or hallway and use it as needed.However, you choose to use your daybed, rest assured it won’t disturb the room ambiance, but only bring in more warm, comfort and functionality.

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