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Each room should have some sort of focal point that draws in your guest’s attention. Focal points don’t have to be a statement wall in a bright color or a 50 inch flat screen TV, they can be any object you want. In fact, an object may be better as they are easily changeable and they allow you to recall a memory to share with others. If not a memory, then they can be a conversation piece to wow your guests and discuss their perspective on the object.

One type of decor that makes a great conversation piece is handmade art. These pieces can be ones you or family have made, or they can be from artists that you met during travels. If there is a certain item you’d wish to collect, such as pottery, jewelry or mugs, then collect that to display prominently on a shelf. If drawings, paintings and photography are more your style, then make a collage out of them or place one in a key point in the room. All of these are superb ways to not only show off art you have done or collected, but are perfect segues for stories about travel excursions.

Note: If you use handmade art have the artist write his/her name, the date and possibly a small message to you (on the back of the piece or a separate paper). Not only will it make them feel great, but you’ll have even more to look at when recalling the memory.

Another focal point idea is to have a bold piece placed in the room. This can be a colorful item, something large, an eclectic design, or an heirloom. All of these are bound to grasp your guest’s attention as they enter the room, leading way to a conversation about their thoughts or a story about how you acquired it.

If you prefer something more subtle and sophisticated, then opt for an elegant winding piece that exudes beauty to act as your conversation piece. Perhaps a bonsai tree or a large floral arrangement in a sleek vase that will catch everyone’s eye. A chandelier is also a great way to not only bring elegance but also gives off a brilliant light that will dazzle your guests.

Statement pieces can be almost anything, but using objects can help showcacase your personality, thoughts and memories to share with friends and family.

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