13 Uniquely Stylish Rooms

A living room with a wall of hexagonal shelves in a uniquely stylish design.

Every now and then you see an interior that makes you stop and take a second look.  It contains the unexpected or is designed so carefully that you find yourself truly mesmerized.  Here are 13 unique stylish rooms to inspire your creativity when designing your own home.

Keywords: grey couch, living room

Modified description: A stylish living room featuring a grey couch.
A mix of textures elevates the depth of this interior (simple.wikipedia.org)

Mixing modern pieces with traditional architecture is one way to update a space.  Even mixing old with new in a space gives it a sense of history and adds character.

A dining room with black walls and white chairs featured in 13 Uniquely Stylish Rooms.
Interesting bend of old and new in this dining space (examiner)

Adding pieces that are Avant-garde (experimental or innovative in nature) truly makes a room unique.  The table below is the statement piece in the room.

A uniquely stylish living room featuring a white couch.
Unique furnishings enhance this avant garde room (people.hgtv)

Sometimes unique design comes about in a nice flow throughout the rooms of a home.  As you travel from room to room, you may notice interesting accents, such as a living wall in the dining area.

Keywords: Living room, fireplace

Description: A living room featuring a cozy fireplace.
This home exhibits a nice flow throughout the rooms (futurahomedecorating)

Color can create a unique space, especially when applied with a bold hand.  With white walls as a neutral background, color can be used with a bit more expression.

A living room with a large painting on the wall in a uniquely stylish setting.
Colorful and unique, this room shines with personality (sf-racked)

Varying the texture and mixing rustic with modern gives a room interest.  An eclectic mix of furnishings and accents gives a room a personal flair.

Wonderful texture from rustic accents make this room interest (deavita)

Low profile furnishings and fixtures bring modern aesthetic to a home.  It opens up a space and creates a unique style.

A modern loft with a stylish kitchen and living room.
Open space with unique design (juventudca.BlogSpot)

Using texture and unique architectural features will set a room apart.  Keeping furniture to a minimum enhances the architectural elements.

A white living room with a wooden ceiling featured in 13 Uniquely Stylish Rooms.
Unique features set this room apart (homedesignideas.eu; interior design by Patricia Urquiola)

Modern art added to a room gives the space a focal point and brings your personal style into the mix.  To integrate the piece into the room, use other accents that draw from the color, shape or texture of the artwork.

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A living room with uniquely stylish red furniture.
Modern and colorful room (candysdirt)

Avant-garde style creates a visual feast with interesting shapes and a new, innovative way of looking at design.

A blue living room with a white couch and a fireplace, featured among 13 Uniquely Stylish Rooms.
Avant garde interior design (trendier)

Mixing a bit of whimsy into a room by artwork, accessories or color choices gives a room life and personality.  Individual style choices make a house a home.

A living room with pink furniture and a chandelier featured in 13 Uniquely Stylish Rooms.
Colorful and bright interior (friendskorner)

Unique accessories and furniture create rooms with something to say.  These pieces stand out and give voice to style.

A living room with orange furniture and a uniquely stylish staircase.
Bursts of color and texture make this room fun (surton)

A clean balanced look is a great aesthetic, lending a sense of calm to the room.  To add interest, add unique light fixtures or other elements (like the panels in the photo below).  The overall effect is stylishly modern.

A living room with stylish white furniture.
Uniquely stylish room (demografx)

The variety of styles and innovative designs in interiors today can provide great inspiration.  No matter what your style or taste, interior design is a very personal journey.  Take inspiration from others but create a home that is uniquely yours.




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