Delight in the Details – How to Accessorize Your Home

A living room with pink walls and a gold coffee table, accessorized to perfection.

Photo above courtesy of Vogue

The crowning touch to any interior is accessories.  When you accessorize your home think of the scale, color, texture and meaning of objects.  Ideally, accessories should enhance the furniture and textiles in the room and bring out your personal style.


          A tray with books and a plant, used to accessorize home.

Left photo, Pottery Barn.  Right photo, HomeGoods.

The coffee table, fireplace mantle, side tables and walls can all be accessorized to bring life and personality to a room.  Grouping accessories has more impact.  Group small objects together and balance them with a large item.  Trays and books lend themselves well to arranging accessories.  Different items can be grouped together on a tray and books can be used to vary the height of accessories.  Books and trays can be used by themselves just as effectively; just remember to add taller objects.


A living room with a fireplace and accessorized home.            A white fireplace mantle to accessorize home.

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The fireplace is often the focal point of a room.  Therefore, you can accessorize the mantle for maximum impact.  Create a perfectly symmetrical look by placing matching or similar objects on each end and a painting or other large object in the center.  For a more casual and contemporary look, create an asymmetrical arrangement by placing several objects of varying heights on one side and one large item on the opposite side.

An accessorized entryway with a console table and a chair.               A table with a vase of flowers and a mirror to accessorize your home.

Photos, Traditional Home, Jeff Andrews Designs, Tim Street-Porter, Photographer

When a table is placed against a wall, use it as an extension of the wall.  Hang a painting or wall sculpture just above the table and carry the theme to the table with accessories.  This type of display makes a great focal point.

A wooden hutch adorned with jars to accessorize the home.                A living room accessorized with a white bookcase.

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Collections provide a great opportunity to infuse your interests and personality into a room.  Group collections together for the most impact.

Twin Beds for the Guest Room


A white bookcase accessorized with a clock and pictures.               Accessorize home with white shelf.

When accessorizing your home, don’t forget bookshelves.  Various objects can be interspersed with books to add interest and variety; or simply use shelves as a place to display treasures that you’ve gathered or family photos.

A living room with a tv and accessorized walls.

A cake without icing is a rather dull cake.  A dress is just a dress without the right jewelry.  The same is true of a room without accessories.  Accessorize your home and watch it come to life.








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