Decorating with What You Love

A dining room with colorful shutters decorated with what you love.

Legendary interior designer Bunny Williams once said, “If you love something, it will work. That’s the only real rule.”  These are excellent words to put into play when decorating your home if you want a space that is warm, welcoming and makes you happy.

A room filled with books.
Photo, Rutland Designer

Living room with lots of framed pictures and a bench, showcasing your love for decorating. Childhood mementos, collections and keepsakes from every part of your life are the items that mean something and shouldn’t be hidden away in the attic or packed in boxes to only go through every few years. If it makes you smile or brings back a good memory, incorporate these items into your home.

A teapot-filled green wall for decorating with what you love.
A blackboard adorned with an assortment of vintage cameras, creating a unique and personalized decor.

Many of us have collections that we have acquired over the years.  These can be displayed in artistic ways to show them off.  Shelves, bookcases and walls can be adorned with your collections.  Display related items together as well.  For example, display antique cameras alongside vintage photographs.

A globes-themed bedroom showcasing personal love for travel.

A blue rug decorating the floor.

Display collections and keepsakes in groups for optimum impact. Scattering them around the room can become visually noisy and make the items less of a focal point.  For small items, gather them together and display them on a shelf, a custom shadowbox or place them in jars or on a tray.

A bookshelf filled with beloved books and decorative keys.
Photo, Country Living
A hallway adorned with plates as unique décor.

Group like items together and use your imagination for displaying in your own unique way. Mix personal treasures with newer items that you’ve acquired simply because you love them.  Everyone has those items that they just simply fall in love with that have no special meaning.  These are the items that adorn a home and put your unique style into play.

A whimsical living room with farm animals on the wall, showcasing decorating with what you love. There is no need to overwhelm your space with every sentimental item you own. Rotate items every so often.  When you truly love something and you enjoy surrounding yourself with items that make you happy, there are no set rules.  Go dig through those boxes, wipe off the dust and see what treasures you have buried in your home.

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