10 Easy tips to make your hallway look bigger

An image of a hallway with bright hanging lights.

The hallway is an important but sometimes underestimated functional and aesthetic element. A well decorated and organized hallway can easly enriched the style and the decor of the entire house. Vice versa, a dark, disorganized, and messy hallway can condition in a negative way the total look and appearance of your home decor. Here you are 10 easy tips and tricks that will help you to enlarge your hallway in a simple, easy and economic way.

  1. Use light colors. If you want to give the impression that your hallway is wider and brighter, the first suggestion is to paint it with white or with light and neutral colors
    A white hallway with framed pictures and a chair. Keywords: hallway, framed pictures
    contemporary total white hallway
    A hallway with white walls and wood floors.
    elegant white painted hallway

    A hallway with wooden floors.
    tips and tricks to enlarge a tight hallway by painting it with white colors
  2. Add mirrors. As we have seen in another article (how to add style and creativity to your home with mirrors), the mirrors are really helpful for enriching the general decor of a room and they work very well especially in the small and tight spaces. You can even install many mirrors with different shapes and sizes for creating a more impressive effect
    A hallway with a mirror.
    the mirrors can be really helpful for making hallways look wider

    A mirrored hallway.
    how to enlarge hallways with mirrors
  3. Opt for a uniform trim. An easy way to make the hallways wider and warmer is to choose the same trim for the walls and for the floor. In this way, the space will immediatly look wider and you will create a cozier atmosphere

    A hallway with wooden panels and a potted plant.
    a single and uniform trim can make hallways seem bigger
  4. Install lights. The lights are one of the most important decorative elements. They do not only light up the rooms, but they can add style, character and personality to your interiors. As we have decribed in another post (10 easy tips to light up your home), the lights on the ceiling and on the floor can beautify a small and dark hallway and they can make it more stylish and brighter
    A hallway in a home.
    tips to furnish and decorate small hallways with lights
    Keywords: hallway, candles
    brilliant ideas for docorating hallways with lights on the floor
    A hallway leading to a staircase.
    lights and chandeliers can make hallways look brighter
    A hallway with a white lamp hanging over a wooden floor.
    Original ideas for decorating hallways with chandeliers

    A series of photos showcasing a well-lit hallway.
    how to decorate hallyways with lights
  5. Add windows. If and where it is possible to install them, the windows can open up the space and can easily make a tight and small hallway seem bigger and brighter
    A hallway with bookshelves and a view.
    windows can make hallways and a corridors look wider and brighter

    A chandelier in a hallway.
    the windows can easily make a tight hallway seem brighter
  6. Use the carpets. If in your hallway there is a dark floor and you can’t change it, the best solution is to use a runner or carpets with neutral and light colors that can give the impression of a larger and warmer space
    A white rug and framed pictures in a hallway.
    bright runners can be used for making an hallway look bigger
    A hallway with framed pictures and a rug.
    smart way to make hallways seem wider by using carpets

    A hallway with a couch.
    light runners are helpful for making a dark hallways seem wider
  7. Create focal points of attention. If you want to enrich the style and the decor of your hallway, a great solution is to add photos, pics, artworks and other decorative elements on the wall that can attract the attention of your guests. They will so focused on the decorations that they will forget about the small dimension of your hallway!
    A black and white hallway with pictures hanging on the wall.
    modern hallway with artworks
    A hallway adorned with framed pictures.
    easy way to furnish a small hallway with photos
    A hallway with artwork on the wall.
    creative and easy way to decorate hallways
    A hallway with framed pictures.
    pics and photos can make an hallway more interesting
    A hallway with framed pictures and a bench.
    add charme to an hallway with artwork

    An expansive hallway.
    enhance the decor of small hallways with an artwork
  8. Use the stripes. If you want to create an optical illusion, a great way is to choose a wall paper with horizonatal stripes that can make the hallway seem longer and wider
    A striped hallway.
    tips to make an hallway look wider with horizontal stripes wall paper
    A striped hallway with a light fixture.
    striped wall papers can make the corridor seem larger
    A hallway with striped walls.
    modern hallway decorated with horizontal stripes wall paper

    Keywords: hallway, striped
    an hallway can seem wider with stiped wall papers
  9. Keep it clean and clear. Another simple but important tip on how to make a tight hallway seem wider, is to keep it always well orderly.

    A hallway with framed pictures.
    a small but clean and clear hallway seems wider
  10. Don’t add many furnitures. If your hallway is really small and tight, it’s extremely important that you add only the necessary furnitures. Opt for low table or for little shelves
    A hallway
    elegant and modern hallway with small decorative elements

    A hallway with white flowers and a wooden table.
    modern hallway with small and essential furnitures

With these easy tips and tricks, your hallways will look really stylish and trendy.




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