7 Ways to Create Island Style at Home

A collage of pictures of a living room with blue and white furniture in island style.

Island style is light, luxurious but casual, and fresh.  It calls to mind carefree days and the essence of warm ocean breezes at night.  Here are 7 ways to create island style at home.  Infuse your home with the relaxing, fresh appeal of the islands with laid-back luxury.

The essence of island style is comfort, natural elements, light, and cool colors.  It is breezy and carefree.  To achieve the unique style of the islands, channel a past vacation or simply imagine casual luxury that wraps you in light.

A living room with island-style wicker furniture and pink accents.
Fresh, lively and chic island style (Lonny.com)

1. Focus on the View

Whether you live in the islands, the country or the city, let your view take the lead.  Translate what is outside your window into the cool blue water, lush greenery and warm tones of sand.  Let your imagination soar as you implement these elements into your design.  Arrange furniture to take advantage of your view, no matter where it is.

A living room with an island-style view of the ocean.
Let the view be the focal point (archipalegohawaii.com)

2. Bring in the Light

Take down those heavy window treatments and let in the natural light.  Invest in a light-colored sofa.  If white sofas aren’t practical, try slipcovers that can be easily removed for cleaning.

A white living room with island style furniture.
Light and airy island style (dominfo.ba)

Paint your walls white to ramp up the airy feel of the islands.  Furnish your rooms with warm, light wood tones.

An island-style living room with wooden floors and a large potted plant.
Bright white and natural light exude island style (damaskanddentelle.com)

3. Natural Elements

Include natural elements in your design.  Sisal rugs, jute wallpaper and wicker furniture incorporate well into island style interiors.  Finish this off with natural treasures, such as coral and seashells.

An island style living room with wicker furniture.
Bring in natural elements to enhance the island vibe (Coastal Living)

Rattan furniture lends an island vibe to interiors.  It complements upholstered furniture by providing an openness of design that contributes to an airy feel.  Add tropical plants for color, texture and more natural appeal.

The Wing Chair - An Icon of Style
A white living room with island-style wicker furniture and pillows.
Rattan gives an island vibe (Coastal Living)

4. Comfort

Comfort is key for relaxing, island style interiors.  Soft furnishings upholstered in light colors are inviting.  Use throw pillows to accent and provide plenty of plush comfort.

A living room with blue couches and an island style coffee table.
Comfort is key for relaxing interiors (luxuryretreatsmagazine.com)

5. Laid-back Luxury

Let luxury island resorts inspire you.  Take cues from their luxurious but laid-back designs.  Large modular pieces accented with statement-worthy elements take a nod toward island style.  Exuberant colors share the spotlight with the view.

A living room with colorful island style furniture and a view of the ocean.
Resorts do it right with laid-back luxury (home.designing.com)

Dramatic ceiling treatments and water features take you away to the islands.

An island style outdoor living area with a wooden ceiling.
Laid-back luxury is the cornerstone of island style (interiorsrembered.com)

6. Cool Colors

For a bright and airy aesthetic, lead with a cool color scheme of greens and blues.  Mix in neutrals for interest and warmth.

A living room with island style furniture and a fireplace.
Cool blues and greens enhance this space (theangelmovie.com)

Knowing how to balance color is important to a low-key, laid-back luxurious look.  The green pops in this white room.  The color is used sparingly but makes a big impact.  The natural fiber rug and wood table anchor the space.

A living room with white furniture and island-style green accents.
Beautiful greens enhance this space, giving it an island feel (tuvaluhome.wordpress.com)

7. Bring the Outdoors In

Think of your outdoor area as an extension of the interior.  Blend these two areas for more space and a lighter approach.

A lounge area with island style blue chairs and a view of the ocean.
Extend the interior to the outdoors (Pinterest)
A living room with an island style and a view of the golf course.
Luxury and the outdoors meet in this island retreat (joystudiodesign.com)

Are you ready to travel to the islands?  Open your drapes or shades and welcome the light.  Now take these 7 elements and work them into your home.  It will be your taste of the islands without the miles of travel.


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