The Curtain Call – How to Replace Drab Drapery

A collage of drapes.

As time marches on, you may lose an opinion on your drapes. They just hang there, a constant fixture of the house – and one day you’ll get around to bringing them into the 21st century, right? Well if it’s a quick win you are looking for that will change the look of your home for a small cost, then replacing those drapes is a good place to start.

If it’s been awhile since your last change, use this time to reassess your needs and work out how you can turn drab to dreamy.

Decide what you need

There is no point installing anything in your home if it will not serve you. Avoid a mindless replacement by identifying how these drapes will add value to the space in a functional and stylish capacity.

A room with a sliding glass door and a wooden deck featuring drapery.
Modern linen fabric thin transparent drab terraced modern curtains

If it’s privacy and sun filteration you need, choose Blackout Curtains as they will limit your light and heighten your private comfort. If you are looking for something to complement the room by making it more luxe and light, consider some sheer floaty drapes that can be swept and tied to one side.

Think long term

When was the last time you replaced your drapes and blinds? Yes, exactly. This infrequent chore should be taken with great care, because what you install with love today, might be drab in the years that follow. Longevity should be a key factor in your decision making process – avoid fads and stick to the decor classics when choosing drapes and blinds.

A drab living room with two large windows and a brown leather couch.
Simple Eyelet heading on Rods, great for tall windows for dramatic height effect, not a wise choice for wide windows though.

I know, the safe option isn’t always the trendiest but you can be guaranteed that it will last the distance and keep your room looking fresh like they were chosen only the day before. Choosing the right fit for your house encompasses colour, style (curtain, drape, shutters), length and hardware – identify these and let the hunt begin!

Reclaimed Wood – Let it Tell a Story in Your Home

Address the fixtures

Changing up the drapes is not a luxury all of us are regularly afforded. So when the windows are free of any drapes, curtains and shutters it’s a good idea to get in there and have a good clean and make sure those fixtures are firing like they should be.

A pair of drab brown curtains hanging on a rod.
How to Hang Drapes

This could mean replacing clasps and hooks, fixing cracks in the window frame, or simply replacing the hardware with something a bit more shiny and sleek. This is an important task not to be skipped, as they will be holding up your drapes for the decades to come, and your new drapes won’t look new for long if they are hanging from rusty rods against tattered walls.

Recycle the old

You might not have given much thought to what happens to the old drapes, but disposing of them in a sustainable way should be a consideration. The textile and fashion industry are key contributors to world pollution, so upcycling and recycling are a way to minimize damage and put those creative ideas into practise.

Your drape fabric might be don on the windows, but could be made into a tablecloth, cushion covers or even a chair seat for our occasional furniture.

A woman is draping a tablecloth on a table.
D.I.Y. Head Table Scallop

Replacing your curtains and drapes can be executed in a weekend. Ensuring you have chosen the right choice for you home? Might take a little longer. If you have missed being woken by the sun, get the sheer open curtains of your dreams.

If you want to do yoga in the living room without the whole street seeing your downward dog, then blockouts are the way to go. Be aware of all the options before you arrive at the store to save on a panicked decision that you have to live with for a while.

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