Alternate Uses for a Dining Room

Alternate Uses for a Dining Room with Bookshelves.

Many homes today are built with an open concept floor plan, eliminating walls that once divided living, kitchen and dining spaces.  However, many homes still incorporate the traditional center hall design with separate formal living and dining areas.  More and more homeowners today are trading in the formal dining room to utilize the space to fit their needs instead of following the design of the home.  Consider these alternate uses for a dining room and create the room you want.

Alternate Uses for a Home Office and Dining Room.
A beautiful home office finds its space in the dining room
Alternate Uses for a Dining Room including a home office with a desk and bookshelves.
Home office of Décor Chic via
A home office with bookshelves and a desk designed for alternate uses in a dining room.
A cozy home office

A home office is one of the alternate uses for a dining room.  Setting up a home office is relatively easy.  If privacy is a factor, you can install doors, thus keeping it divided from the rest of the living space.  A desk, cabinets and seating can be arranged to better serve the space.  Built-in bookshelves and cabinets provide a cohesive and orderly appearance and provide much-needed storage space.

A dining room transformed with alternate uses for orange chairs and a bookcase.
Photo courtesy of New England Home
An alternate use for a dining room.
Photo courtesy of Houzz
A living room with bookshelves and a staircase, featuring alternate uses for a dining room.
An open space dining area serves as library

If you enjoy reading or spending quiet time alone, a library or study would be an ideal alternate space.  Outfit the room with bookshelves, a comfortable chair and even a desk with computer for research and writing.

A playroom with a vibrant table and chairs for alternate uses.
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If your home lacks the space for a playroom the dining room can serve as an area that is separate from the rest of the house to keep noise levels down.  You can enclose the space with a door.  Incorporate lots of storage bins to keep toys and games tidy.

A room with a piano and bookshelves, showcasing alternate uses for a dining room.
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For the musically inclined, the dining room would provide a great space for a music room.  A piano sitting center stage to provide entertainment, while a small seating area allows others to enjoy the family artist at work.

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A game room featuring a pool table and bar with alternate uses for a dining room.
A game room in lieu of formal dining…now that’s fun!
A dining room with a pool table.
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A dining room with red chairs and a painting on the wall showcasing alternate uses.
Photo courtesy of HGTV

A recreation or game room would be a fun addition and one of the great alternate uses for a dining room.  If space allows, a pool table can be placed in the room.  Poker tables, vintage arcade games and a jukebox would bring great character to the space and make it the perfect get-together spot for family and friends.

A room with a chalkboard wall and green chairs that offers alternate uses for a dining room.
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There are many other alternate uses for dining rooms, such as an arts and crafts room, sewing room and bedroom.  If you don’t use a formal dining room, why waste the space?  Set your creativity free and use the room to its advantage for just what you want.


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