10 Small But Surprisingly Stylish Apartments

A stylish collage of pictures illustrating a living room and dining room.

These 10 small but surprisingly stylish apartments will amaze you! Because of the constraints of landlords, apartment dwellers must follow rules. Often, they can’t make permanent changes, hang wallpaper, or even paint the walls!

So what’s an apartment dweller to do? Of course, she turns to the internet and finds smart ways to add high style.


This apartment features a tiny living room. However, the bookcases add a vertical element that makes it feel so huge! Of course, they provide tons of much-needed storage space.

A living room with a bookcase and fireplace.
The pair of vertical bookcases in this apartment give a feeling of great height.
This makes the aparment feel grand and large despinte the tiny living room size. | apartmentlifestyle.net


This Swedish-inspired apartment is crisp and clean. The decorator embraced the apartment white cabinets and appliances and ran with the sparse look. Gorgeous!

A stylish living room and kitchen in a small apartment.
Because it embraces simple, clean lines, Swedish style is perfectly paired with simple white. | freshome.com


New York apartments are notoriously small. But with some comforting color choices, cozy can be very cool!

A living room in stylish apartments with a couch and a coffee table.
Smart use of color warms up the neutral walls of this tiny NYC studio. | Elle Decor


If you’re lucky enough to get permission to paint, remember this…

When you move out, you’ll need to return the wall color to it’s original color. An easy way to make a big impact is to paint an accent wall.

Stylish apartments with a kitchen and dining area.
A red accent wall pops against the beige in this apartment | Michigan Major


The decorator chose soft, cozy blues for this stylish gem.

A stylish living room with a couch and a coffee table.
Indeed, blue and white are classic and stylish. | Michigan Major


Don’t you wish you had a view like this?

A stylish living room with large windows and a dining table.
Because of the amazing views, this apartment dweller needs to add little to enhance the ambiance.
A stylish living room with large windows and a dining table.
With a view like this, little styling is required! | Habitat Apartments


This tiny apartment is under 300 square feet! However, it’s as romantic and charming as the city itself.

A stylish bedroom with a bed and a table.
Only lovely and stylish will do in Paris! | iDesign Arch


These next two apartments are amazing because of the Murphy bed. Living space or office by day, bed by night. What can’t Murphy do?

A stylish bedroom with a bed, desk, and cabinets in an apartment.
The Murphy bed is so smart for a tiny apartment. | Atticus Books and Teahouse
A stylish room with a bed and a desk.
Ikea to the apartment dweller’s rescue! | Ikea
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