How to Furnish a Studio Apartment on a Budget

studio apartment

This isn’t a secret: decorating smaller spaces require greater creativity, most especially if it’s a studio apartment. When you’re stuck with an existing fixture, you get limited options, especially in a tight budget. Take heart; this doesn’t mean that you have to be stuck with the same mundane look. The interior designers at  Hibou Design Co. can help you transform your studio apartment without punching a hole in your bank.

Can’t repaint the walls?

No problem. You can add colors to those boring corners by adding wall art. Create a gallery of your favorite framed photographs, your kids’ drawings, or colorful canvasses you can buy from the store and online. Go for the classic black and white for a timeless aesthetic. Our tip: if you’re into a balanced look, install your gallery symmetrically. On the other hand, for smaller, irregular corners, go for an asymmetrical look with various-sized frames for a pleasing effect.

scandinavian style studio
scandinavian style studio

Switch your curtains.

Your window drapes don’t only keep the sun away; it also adds a nice tone (and pattern) in your room, reflecting whatever your current mood is. Welcome springtime with a nice shade of green, or the soft color of pastels. In summer season, choose lighter colors to reflect too much light and heat away.

Sun shadow

Or, add a wall decal.

Statement walls are a still-beloved trend, but if your landlord doesn’t allow it, you can easily get away by sticking on a decal art on one corner wall. Choose a color to brighten up the space and tie the entire concept harmoniously. How to do that? Pick the design that goes with a prominent color in the room. If you’re using too much patterns – say, on your pillowcases and wall arts – go for subtler designs.

green wall decal

Feeling too constricted?

Add a mirror. It makes the room appear larger while illuminating dark spaces. You can easily find inexpensive mirrors at any department stores – or go for an antique treasure hunt at the flea market.

miror in livingroom

Small touches make big impact.

Home décor products instantly add character to your space. For your living room, wrap your throw pillows in bright, patterned covers. Mix and match them for more personality! Add some drama by draping a throw on your favorite couch. Buy the best décor products online and create a spa-like atmosphere in your home. Our tip: go for terra cotta for that natural, grounded atmosphere. If you’re into modern glam, how about purchasing glossy ceramics to hold your trinkets? Wicker baskets are perfect storage and decorating pieces – that’s hitting two birds with one stone!

living room decore

Room feeling lifeless?

Houseplants don’t only add a nice splash of emerald in the room, it literally brings your space life. Who doesn’t want a clean stock of oxygen while it absorbs the unwanted carbon dioxide? Succulents require less maintenance and are beautiful to behold when planted inside a terrarium. A few more suggestions: hang them by your window or lodge them on your shelves for that quaint, country-side look!


Light it up!

You may not be allowed to change your pre-installed lighting, but you can switch up the mood by layering the lights. Add table lamps to give off that relaxing, ambient glow. Lodge one beside your sofa or brighten up a corner wall. Place a standing lamp beside your reading nook, or your bedroom. With the many lighting options around, you can make your studio apartment glow up.


Everyone wants space and extravagance. But, if you look closely, small can be wonderful and cheap can be hip. With the right vision – and quality home décor products – you can transform your studio apartment into one that is aesthetically pleasing. The better news? It doesn’t have to go over your budget!


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