How to add style and creativity to your home with mirrors

An image featuring a living room with a large mirror.

The mirrors are one of the most elegant, fascinating, useful, but, sometimes, underestimated decorating elements. A mirror can be a real piece of art and an original furniture that can give charme, character, style and personality to every single room of an house. Another plus of using mirrors to decorate your home, is their ability to reflect light, to make a space look bigger, to dress up and to open up a room.

A living room with colorful furniture and mirrors.
the use of mirrors enlarges the living room

For all these reasons, the mirrors are the ideal design elements for the small spaces. On the market there is a huge variety of mirrors: with or without frame, rounded, rectangular, squared, with an antique and retro style or with a modern and contemporary design, with a traditional or with original shapes, elegant and rich or simple and minimalistic.

A monochrome mirror on a wall.
creative modern mirrors with rounded shapes
A beautiful woman's face reflected in a mirror.
funny mirror shaped as a pair of glasses
Three circular mirrors on a concrete wall.
mirrors with colorful, minimalistic and funny shapes
A deer head mirror on a striped wall.
classy and elegant mirror with a baroque frame
A wall mounted mirror with black and silver squares.
beautiful compositions of rectangular mirrors
A mirror with decorative fish-shaped mirrors.
funny mirrors shaped as fishes
A living room with multiple mirrors.
stunning mirrors with the shapes of leaves

For this reason, a mirror can be integrated into any interior decoration style and it is really easy to find the perfect mirror that fits better with your home decor. There are many innovative ways to use mirrors to enhance the design and the architecture of your home. The mirrors, for example, are perfect in a tight hallway, in an entryway or in the staircases because they make the space seem bigger and wider and they create the illusion of depth and extra space.

A room with mirrors.
Marvellous rectangular mirror installed in an entryway
Mirrors in a room.
Splendid Oval shaped mirror installed in an hallway
A modern living room with a staircase and mirrors.
amazing mirror with the shape of lips installed in a staircase

Another perfect solution is to hang a mirror near the window: the room will seem bigger and brighter and you will create the illusion of additional windows.

A monochrome living room with a mirror.
geometric mirrors near the windows of a modern living room
A mirror with a white chair.
beautiful rectangular wall mirror between two windows

Or you can install a mirror on a wall opposite a painting: in this way, it will enphasize better the importance of the painting. Another tip is to add a light behind  your mirror: you will create a really amazing effect

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A pink bathroom vanity with a mirror.
elegant bathroom with oval shaped mirror and neon light

Mirrors are often installed in the living room, above pieces of furniture, such as over a table, over or behind the sofa, or over a fireplace.

A living room with a mirror.
colorful and original mirrors with creative shapes
A living room with a large mirror.
a mirror above the fireplace can give an unique touch of elegance and creativity to the living room
A room with blue walls and a black dresser featuring mirrors.
mirror shaped as a couch
Four round mirrors on a table.
rounded mirrors above a little table
A living room with mirrors on the wall.
modern squared wall mirrors installed above a sofa

A mirror in a  living room can create a more open, cozy and relaxed atmosphere

A living room with couches and a fireplace, adorned with mirrors.
art deco living room with an old style mirror
A black and white living room with mirrors.
elegant and stylish living room with mirrors used as decorative elements
Three mirrors hanging on the wall in a living room.
stunning living room with amazing mirrors on the wall
A large living room with arched windows.
classy living room decorated with mirrors

In the bathrooms the use of a mirror is a real need, but you can create an original effect by choosing a mirror with an unusual shape or by hanging two mirrors in a simmetric way.

A bathroom with a green sink and mirrors.
modern bathroom with big rounded mirrors enriched with neon lights
A bathroom with blue and white striped walls and mirrors.
amazing and creative bathrooms with a couple of mirrors

As you can see, a mirror can totally transform a room or a space, giving to it a unique and special charm, warmth and brightness.

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