Powder Rooms with Panache

A bathroom with a wooden vanity and a mirror, designed to exude panache.

Powder rooms offer us the opportunity to be bold and take risks.  Since this is such a small space in the home, one can take liberties with its design and décor.  This is a space that guests often see and can set the vibe for your home.  Here are ways to enrich this space and design a powder room with panache.

A bathroom with wood floors and a large mirror, exuding panache.
Powder room design (Pinterest)
Japanese powder room with wooden doors and a stone sink.
Modern powder room design (decoist)

Take risks; be lavish.  Don’t hold back.  If you like bright colors, luxurious fixtures and unique decorative accents, why not use them in the powder room?  Install beautiful light fixtures, creative wall treatments, and if space allows, a plush chair.  Make the powder room a space that is inviting and extravagant.

A powder room with a zebra print rug.
Lavish powder room (decoist)
A bathroom with a stone wall featuring panache.
Well-appointed powder room (kitchentablecomics)
A bathroom with copper pipes and a sink featuring panache.
Steampunk powder room (livnn)
A bathroom with stylish gold wallpaper and a mirror.
Lavish powder room (ssurianahyana.BlogSpot)

A unique sink can be the major focus in a powder room.  There is only one so splurge on something noteworthy.  A waterfall sink, clear glass pedestal, a vessel sink or one made of stone will update your powder room.

A bathroom with a stylish sink and a refreshing water fountain.
Unique features in powder room (sesshudesign)
Keywords: glass sink, mirror
Powder room in luxury home with glass sink (homestratosphere)
A bathroom with a gold sink and mirror, exuding panache.
Beautiful vessel sink in powder room (corvoip)
A bathroom with gold wallpaper and a toilet exuding panache.
Unique sink in powder room (thebestfashionblog)
A chic bathroom with a sink and a mirror.
Lovely modern powder room (wdesign)

Install creative wall treatments in the powder room for a fresh, new look.  Try a new technique or install dazzling tiles.  Choose a luxurious or novelty wallpaper.  Make your own wallpaper using postcards, magazine clippings or even newspaper articles.  Try a dark, dramatic color on the powder room walls, such as black or red.

A bathroom with a mirror and stylish toilet.
Interesting wall treatment in powder room (dreamwallsglass)
A red tiled powder room with panache.
Colorful tile in the powder room (inhomein)
A powder room with a toilet and a sink.
Unique powder room wall covering (guidinghome)
A bathroom with black and gold striped walls, perfect for powder rooms with panache.
Classic powder room décor (blog-timelesswroughtiron)
A bathroom with blue and brown wallpaper.
Beautiful wall treatment in this powder room (decoist)
A bathroom with black walls and a unique striped floor, exuding panache.
Go bold in the powder room (artdecorationdesign)

Vanities come in all shapes, styles and sizes.  Try something out of the ordinary.  A modern reverse pyramid vanity is a stylish addition to the powder room.  Go for a traditional vanity with beautiful hardware and embellishments.  Create a sleek base with an open vanity and a glass vessel sink.  Integrate texture into the powder room with a natural wood vanity and stone or metal sink.

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A bathroom with an ornate vanity and a buddhist statue in a powder room.
Unique vanity in powder room (blogdergsi)
A bathroom with a sink and a mirror, designed for the utmost style and elegance.
Beautiful powder room (Houzz)
A bathroom with a toilet, sink and mirror that exudes panache.
Lovely modern powder room (Houzz)
A modern bathroom with a wooden sink and mirror, perfect for powder rooms with panache.
Serene modern powder room (decoist)

The powder room is the place to be creative and expand your design aesthetic.  Choose unique fixtures and wall coverings.  Install a beautiful vanity and sink that stands out.  Finish off the room with luxurious touches.  Create a space that makes your guests want to visit!  Create a powder room with panache.



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