The 9 Mistakes to Avoid When Decorating Home

When decorating the house, there are many options available. It all depends on one’s needs and tastes. It is essential to know about the mistakes that one needs to avoid. One needs to do this before starting to shop for furniture and accessories. It is by preventing them that will get the house back on track. The home becomes a beautiful and functional place. Regardless of location, budget, style, or size, there are some common mistakes. For those with a small house and little budget, they can create some DIY d├ęcor. According to the designers, these are some of the errors and the benefits of avoiding them;

1. Accessories and collections

A modern dining room at home with blue chairs and a glass table.
Minimize accessories to avoid distractions

When it comes to accessories, the less they are, the better. It is essential in achieving a well-decorated room that facilitates calmness, movement, balance, and flow. With many accessories, there are distractions and not possible to have order in the home. For the collections, people make the mistake of scattering them throughout the Home . It is vital to place them in arrangements and groupings. To remedy clutter; consider essential things, and remove the rest. For the accessories, one need to select them with a lot of care.

2. Hanging of paintings

A cozy home with a grey couch and a blue rug.
Try to hang them at the eye level

Almost everyone in their home has some form of art. The walls are their art gallery. But, they usually face the challenge of hanging the paintings correctly. They hang them on the wall randomly. It is good to avoid this when furnishing the home. It is crucial to study the layout with care so that the walls of the home look orderly. Sometimes they can hang the paintings too high. One needs to hang them at eye level, but this does not always apply in every case. It is not possible when the ceilings are low, or the person is tall. Group them into a single wall. You can consider assembling them in color and sizes. Also, one can combine antique and modern paints.

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3. Add a focal point

A large painting in a home living room.
It plays an essential part in finding the purpose of the room

It is what gives direction and order. A focal point is vital in every room of the house. It is the one thing that people notice when they enter the house. It makes a statement. It makes the room functional. It should be large and bold and includes a fireplace, gaming table, or large artwork. In the living room, the TV, and the TV unit are usually the focal point. It makes the home looks balanced and organized. If possible, you can have more than one focal point, especially in large rooms. The focal point is essential in finding the purpose of the room. It can so one can place the furnishings around that point.

4. Budget

A home with wood beams and a fireplace.
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Plan before going for shopping and stick on your budget

Most people are prone to impulse buying. Before going for shopping, it is always essential to plan and have a budget. People need to take room measurements and design on furniture size and placement. Do not buy too much, all at once and do not overspend. Only buy what you can afford today. Always plan first and the shop later. Make sure that you stick within the budget when you go to the showroom. A well-decorated house takes time, and so it is crucial to go about designing slowly and build from there.

5. Neglecting the lighting

A mother and daughter cozy at home reading a book.

Lighting is essential in the house. It is a crucial element in the design. The house needs to have as much natural lighting as possible. It is important not to block it with either poorly placed curtains or accessories. No matter the weather, natural light always comes in. You can enhance natural light by placing mirrors directly across the sources. It allows the sun to get into the room. You can also add to the overhead lighting.

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You can consider having more than one source illuminating the room. A well-placed lamp helps enhance lighting when needed. The lighting needs to be bright enough. Consider adding dimmers to ceilings and overhead lighting. Light changes the perception of the house.

6. Hiding the windows

A Home with a bed.
Hiding windows blocks natural sunlight in the house

A common mistake here is hanging the curtain rods too low. Hang them close to the ceiling line as this will creates a sense of height. When you attach them too little, it makes the ceiling to feel lower and the room to feel a lot smaller. Hiding the windows usually blocks the natural sunlight. When buying new curtains, consider curtains twice the width of the windows. It helps them to drape well and look well-styled. It also ensures that when curtains are open, then you can see most of the window.

7. Backing the furniture against the wall

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This is a common mistake. Instead, push them together

Pushing furniture against the wall is a common mistake people make. Push them together instead. It will create an intimate setting conducive for a pleasant environment. It will also bring a flow that allows people to move between and around the furniture. Pushing them together creates a small scene. However, this is not to mean that you cannot place any furniture along the walls. You can still consider putting some there.

8. Not enough variety

It is vital to have kinds of stuff from different sources or stores. Coordination is essential, but not everything needs to match. Buying from one retailer can be convenient and takes less time, but it is necessary to mix up things. To have a well-decorated room with personality, it is only possible when the stuff does not look the same. Even for people with favorite retailers, consider incorporating the pieces. Then sprinkle different layers from other stores.

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9. Buying a too-small rug

In the living room decoration, having a poorly sized rug is on the mistakes. It is possible to avoid this mistake easily. Huge rugs are expensive and a scary commitment. However, according to designers, it is one of the critical aspects of a room. For the living room, consider an 8-by-10 foot unless it is small then 6-by-9 feet will be okay. For the kitchen, entrance, or the bed, a 4-by-6 foot rug can be excellent. A small carpet makes the room to feel choppy.


In decorating the home, it is essential to do so in a manner that speaks of who you are. People make many common mistakes in designing, but it is possible to fix them. It is possible to do them yourself or by engaging a professional interior designer.

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