Home Designs Mistakes that You Should Avoid

A functional home office with a desk, bookshelf, and chairs.

A well and professionally designed home does not have to be complex. Beauty, comfort and functionality are three aspects of home design that you should pay attention to when designing your home. Most homes today are poorly designed because their designers did not pay attention to these three aspects of design. Here are some home designs mistakes that you should avoid when designing your home.

Poor ventilation

Avoiding home design mistakes in a cozy fireplace setting.

Proper ventilation is highly important in every home. Unfortunately, some home designers do not pay much attention to features that make for proper ventilation such as windows. Some people think that installing air conditioners and heaters will improve the ventilation of their homes. None of these systems are better than natural air. Enough natural air should be able to flow and circulate into a home. It is a design error not to include enough windows in a home.

Poor Flow of Sun Light

A house with a spiral staircase and blue lighting featuring home designs.

Natural light gives a lot of benefits. First, having enough natural light in your home is a good means of a cutting cost on energy. Lighting consumes a lot of energy and it adds more to the energy bills of most household and offices. Sunlight provides warmth especially during the winter season. Natural light also gives some health benefits. Some homes have few numbers of windows because their designers include some unnecessary features which take the space for windows. Poor design may also make a home to require more artificial lighting, more window coverings, electric outlets and extension cords. If you are designing your home, you have to take advantages of natural light.

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 Inclusion of unneeded space

A functional home office with a desk, bookshelf, and chairs.

Some homes have a lot of spaces including home offices, several closets, multi-purpose room, library, study room and others. All these extra spaces are good if they are put into used. However, experience has shown that most people that have spaces in their homes rarely use them. Some do not even use them at all. When designing your home, don’t include any space that you will not use on regular basis. Don’t include a space that will eventually become a dumping space for bags, boxes, vintage items and others.

Poor plumbing placement

A water pipe with blue paint on it that incorporates home designs mistakes.

Poor plumbing placement is one of the commonest home design errors you will notice in most homes today. The waste hole is normally located some distance away from the home. But today, in most homes, bathrooms and toilets are located next or close to the kitchen or dining. This is not good to health. The odor from the convenience rooms can pollute the air around the dining and the kitchen.

Other home design mistakes include:

  • poor HVAC planning and placement
  • disorganized kitchen space
  • wrong choice of floor type
  • wrong choice of roof type
  • building with very cheap and low quality materials

The above are some of the home design mistakes that you should avoid.

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