Worldly Decorating with Globes and Maps

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Be a world explorer from the comfort of your own home by decorating with globes and maps.  Globes and maps have shown us the way for centuries.  Cartographers have created works of art that allow us to circumvent the globe from our classrooms, board rooms and homes.  Turn your interiors into a unique journey by using globes and maps to decorate your rooms.

A living room with blue walls and a collection of world maps, perfect for decorating with globes and maps.
A world map door for decorating with maps.
A living room with a large globe as a decorative centerpiece.

Old maps can be framed and hung in a room to add rich character.  Use actual maps or map-themed paper for an inspired wall treatment.

A dining room decorated with a world map.
A room decorated with globes and maps.
A bathroom with map wallpaper and a sink decorated with globes.
A bed with a blue comforter decorated with globes and maps.

Vintage school maps are coming into fashion as home décor.  They can be used alone as wall hangings or grouped for a colorful wall display.

A dresser adorned with a map for decorating purposes.
A bed in a room decorated with maps on the wall.

Use old maps for practical decorative uses, such as lampshades and book covers.  Map lampshades illuminate worldly charm.  Map book covers really add interest to book shelves and hide those covers that aren’t as attractive.  These are also great for travel-themed rooms.

A globe-inspired lamp shade featuring a map of the world for unique decorating.
A row of books decorated with maps.

Repurpose old paper maps for trays, wooden letters and other decorative items for the home.  Fold them into Origami shapes and use them at the table for place settings or as party favors.  Put up a map of the world and pin where you’ve been or where you’d like to go.

A mantle adorned with a ship and decorated with maps and globes.
Three origami flowers made out of paper, perfect for decorating.
A colorful map of Europe adorned with pins.

Globes have mass appeal and come in all sizes and styles, making them a unique collector’s item.  Grouped together, globes make a bold statement.  Place a collection on a bookshelf or display them on and around a table for maximum impact.

A living room decorated with globes and maps on green walls.
A living room with a black couch, bookshelves, and decorating with globes and maps.
Decorating with antique globes and maps in a room with a painting.

Craft globes into other household items, such as clocks or even pots for planting.  Transform globes into lamps or cut them in half and mount them on the wall for a creative display.

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A white chair with two suitcases, a clock, and globes.
A globe planter for decorating with globes .
Two lamps hanging from a wall adorned with a map.

Decorating with globes and maps is a fun way to add character to your home and show your interest in travel.


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