Romantic Ideas for your Nursery Cots

A nursery with two cribs and a chandelier.

Having a baby is a wonderful time in your life. Whether it is your first or more, the magic never fades. Nurseries are a hidden gem in interior design, and an often overlooked one. The central piece of your nursery will probably be your cot or cradle (depending on whether you are opting directly for a cotbed or not).

A baby's room with a green canopy and a teddy bear cot.
Romantic Baby Cradle

There are dozens and dozens of cute ideas to make your nursery unique, stylish, and personalised. Depending on your budget, the size of the room, how many babies are in the nursery, if it’s a boy or a girl, and what style you are after, you can create a room your baby will never forget.

A white cot bed.
Cradle Carriage

Many cots are pretty basic, in the sense that they are pretty straightforward furniture pieces made primarily of wood. More sophisticated pieces will be engraved or have a ‘sledge’ shape. As you will need lots of storage when the baby comes, many cots are sold with an under bed storage drawer which rolls out for your convenience.

A nursery with two cribs and a chandelier.
Baby Twins Cots

Other cots can be made out of cast iron, or even bronzed metal. These tend to be more ornate and evoke a rococo feeling. These cots look lovely in a shabby chic home, but also in a classically elegant décor.

A pink cot in a baby's room.
Romantic Baby Girl Canopy

Other materials are more child friendly, and usually boldly coloured (i.e. bright green, bright pink, etc) which your child might grow fond of later on when they become toddlers. Usually these design involve cute animal pictures, stickers or appliques. Involving clouds, animals, farms, cars, or princesses, these pictures are always cartoony and brightly coloured. Try and match fantasies and cartoon characters for a dreamy experience.

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A baby's room with a cot and dresser.
Luxury Moses Basket

White cot beds usually work best for smaller nursery rooms, as they usually make the room appear larger and brighter. It is also stylish, and can be re-used for younger siblings (whether they be boys or girls).

A baby's room with a crib and dresser.
Dark Wood Baby Day Bed

Cots are usually decorated with matching bedding sets. These sets usually involve a fitted sheet, a top sheet, a bed skirt, a decorated cot duvet, a snuggle blanket, a thin pillow, and cot protectors. These protectors are used to protect the baby from bumping their soft heads on the wooden side panels and bars. The fabric from the protectors is usually the same to the duvet one, or at least a complementary one.

A girl's bedroom with a pink cot.
Princess Junior Bed

Whether you are using a cot bed, junior bed, a cradle, or a cradle which attaches to your double bed, be sure to get some extra stylish bedding. Also be sure that it is of a delicate cotton blend so that it will not irritate your child, and also that it is machine washable, as it will be in there quite a few times.


A baby's room with a cot and bookshelf.
Storage Cot Bed

One of the most indubitably romantic ways to decorate your cot is with a canopy. They can be plain ivory voile panels, more intricate laces, pastel toned chiffons, or heavy rich textiles. Just makes sure that they are fixed very safely, as the baby will like to climb on it later on.

When your children get the age to start preschool education, you might want to consider daycare cots to support learning progress.

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