Small Closet Organization – Tips and Tricks For Closet Success

A small closet full of clothes.

Small closet organization is a real challenge. However, with some easy tips and tricks you can succeed.

Of course, we want to be able to find our things! Unfortunately, we all face a morning rush. And a messy closet only makes it worse!

While we all dream of a large dream closet, that’s not reality for many of us. Yes, I include myself in “us.”  I live in a small mid-century ranch home. Of course, it has a ton of charm. However, it has very little storage space. I have tiny wall closets, no walk in for me!

Friends, the struggle is real!

These photos offer great options for small closets!

A small closet with a lot of clothes and shoes.
small closet organization (
A small closet filled with clothes.
Use every corner of a small closet (
A small closet with a lot of clothes and a chair.
Well-Organized Closet (

Because of the tight space, use every inch. This includes vertical space! As shown above, double hung bars provide ample space to hang shirts. Of course, leave a section for long dresses and skirts.

A small closet with a lot of clothes and accessories.
Use storage cubbies to keep organized. (

Inexpensive storage cubbies give you flexibility. Because space is tight, things look messy. Storage cubbies give you a place for all those little items that often look cluttered. In fact, they are the perfect space to store items like socks and wallets.

A small pink and white closet.
Of course, small kids closets all need TLC! (

If you prefer baskets, consider sturdy wire baskets. Because you can see the contents, you will keep your closet neater.

A small closet filled with colorful shoes and purses.
Indeed, a customized cubbies can be a great option (
A small closet with purses hanging on a white shelf.
Custom cubbies look sharp! (

Indeed, handbags deserve their own space. Adding custom cubbies to the top of the closet is genius. While keeping your pretty things organized, you can also see them.

A group of ties hanging in a small closet on a hanger.
Cascading tie rack (
A person arranging clothes in a small closet.
In fact, a cascading system doubles your space! (
A wooden hanger with four scarves hanging on it in a small closet.
Finally, a scarf organizer that makes sense! (

Finally, shop for space-saving accessories. A scarf organizer or cascading hanger system takes the guesswork out of finding room.

Don’t settle for your small closet! Get organized with a few smart changes

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