5 Reasons to Love Marble in Your Home

5 Reasons to Love Marble in Your Living Room.

Marble has been used to enhance interiors for hundreds of years.  It is a luxury feature in many homes, including bathrooms, kitchens and central living areas.  Marble looks sleek in modern interiors and comes in a variety of patterns, textures and colors.  Here are five reasons to love marble in your home.

A living room with a large round couch and a coffee table featuring marble.
Uniquely patterned marble flooring (kelbiannoel)
A modern dining room with a marble floor- 5 Reasons to Love Marble in Your Home.
Marble flooring opens up this space (spydpa)
A dining room with a table and chairs featuring marble elements.
Marble top kitchen table (lifepixel.net)

1. Floors

Marble floors are elegant and sleek.  Marble elevates the style of a room and gives a certain opulence to a space.  It has beautiful natural pattern variations that make it truly unique.

A modern living room with glass walls and a red chair incorporating marble accents.
White marble floors brighten this modern space (idesignarch)
A living room with large windows and white furniture featuring marble accents.
Beautiful white marble floors shine with elegance (mydecorative)
A formal dining room with a wine cellar featuring marble accents.
Warm golden marble floors accent this home (decoist)
Marble living room featuring black floors and cowhide rug.
Black marble grounds this space (zationinc)
A modern living room with black and white decor featuring marble accents.
Creamy marble flooring enhances this modern space (designfx)
A kitchen with marble counter tops and wooden cabinets.
White marble flooring brightens this kitchen (uni-wall)
A living room with a view of the ocean and marble highlights.
Marble tiles enhance this open space (whapin)

2.  Kitchen

Marble countertops, bars or even marble panels on the walls in the kitchen make a statement.  Paired with stainless appliances and mingled with other materials, marble stands out.  Marble works in sleek modern kitchens or in more traditional spaces.

A modern kitchen with marble counter tops and white chairs: 5 Reasons to Love Marble in Your Home.
A marble bar is the centerpiece in this kitchen (home-designing)
A black and white kitchen with marble counter tops that exemplifies the beauty and functionality of marble in your home.
An elegant modern kitchen with black marble accents (olpos)
A kitchen featuring marble counter tops.
White marble kitchen (decorcology)
A modern kitchen with a city view.
Sleek and serene white kitchen with marble accents (home-designing)
A modern kitchen with a center island and bar stools featuring marble countertops.
Beautiful contrast of black cabinetry with marble (realtruz)

3.  Bath

A marble bathroom is luxurious and elegant.  When most people think of marble bathrooms, they envision spa-like luxury and this is for good reason.  Marble enhances a bathroom and brings a certain touch of old-world character or modern elegance to the room.

A luxurious bathroom with a gold floor and a chandelier.
Classic elegant marble bathroom (download3dhouse)
A modern bathroom with marble counter tops and sinks - 5 Reasons to Love Marble in Your Home.
Luxurious gray marble bath (pfgreneda)
A bathroom with two sinks and two mirrors showcasing the beauty of marble.
Beautiful marble bathroom (wallpapergang)

4.  Furniture

Marble-top tables have come a long way.  Beautiful custom slabs of marble atop steel or wood bases make for statement pieces in any room.  Coffee tables, desks and dining room tables topped with marble all make wonderful additions to the home.

A modern dining room with a blue tiled ceiling featuring marble accents.
A marble table accents this magical space (greatinteriordesign)
A modern living room with white marble furniture and a chandelier.
Marble top table is sleek and modern (ontrus)
A white living room with a painting on the wall incorporates marble.
A warm marble top coffee table accents this room (sustainablelivingnews)
A marble dining table in a room with a view of the city.
Sleek modern desk with marble top (elviajadevida.blogspot)
A modern living room with a coffee table and tv featuring marble accents.
Marble top accents heavy wood base (lifestylecarnival)
A round coffee table in a living room featuring marble.
Simple design lets the marble take center stage (decorationtrend)
A coffee table featuring a white marble top, perfect for showcasing the magazine
Unique marble top table (blog.lafurniturestore)
Marble dining room with a view of a city.
Simple modern lines accent this marble top table (yacineaziz)
A dining room with a large mirror.
Simple marble top dining table (homedesgn)
A round dining room table with chairs.
Sweet and modern dinette set accented with a marble top (aliexpress)

5.  Patterns

The variations of pattern in natural marble make it unique.  Custom designs in marble can give a room flair.  The various colors of marble give you numerous options.  Mix and match patterns to form interesting mosaics.

A purple-accented living room.
White marble floor with artistic pattern (artbque)
Keywords: bathroom, marble floor
Unique patterned marble bathroom (laurabiekecki)
A bathroom with two sinks and a wooden wall featuring marble surfaces.
Unique marble sinks (reysite)
A table with a vase and a glass of water in front of it - Marble Home
Marble wall tiles (interiordesignschooldaily)

Marble raises the bar on interior surfaces.  It lends a sophisticated, sleek and modern air to a space.  Try marble out in smaller spaces, such as a powder room, to give it a touch of luxury.  Expand your living space visually with white marble flooring.  Enjoy a marble-top coffee table or install a marble top on the kitchen island for a touch of contrast to wood or stainless steel.  Any way you cut it, marble speaks of luxury and elegance.

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