Jewel-tone Interior Decorating

A living room with vibrant furniture and a colorful rug.

Rubies, emeralds and sapphires, oh my!  We all love jewels and the saturated colors of multi-faceted beauty contained therein.  If you crave color and want to make your interiors sing with vibrancy, decorating with jewel tones is the way to accomplish this.  Take a look at some of these amazing rooms for inspiration and learn how you can achieve gem-like rooms.

A variety of jewel-tone colored gemstones are arranged on a white background in an interior decorating design.
Take your cue from colorful gems for a vibrant interior (
A jewel-tone living room with a colorful sectional sofa.
Multi-colored sectional sofa with colorful pillows plays well against dark blue walls (
A living room with jewel-tone walls and furniture.
Amethyst pleases in this beautiful room (Elle Decor)
A living room with vibrant red walls and a leopard chair showcases jewel-tone interior decorating.
Deep red with green and blue accents set this room apart (eyefordesignlfd.blogspot)

Dare to be bold by mixing various jewel tones in one room.  Paint the walls purple and accent with blue sapphire, emerald green and topaz.  Keep accessories to a minimum so that the room doesn’t become overwhelmed.

A dining room with vibrant jewel-tone walls and chairs.
Bold jewel-tone interior plays with variety of colors (lampsplus)
A colorful dining room with jewel-tone interior decorating.
Bold turquoise walls and bright fuchsia accents enliven this dining area (Pinterest)

Paint is a way to quick color.  Paint a whole room in a jewel tone, such as bright aqua, bold emerald green, seductive ruby red or sophisticated sapphire blue.  Use the color in accents elsewhere in the room.  Keep it all one color or add other colors for brilliant contrast.

A vibrant living room with jewel-tone interior decorating and a colorful couch.
Bright turquoise walls with colorful accents make this room pop (cocokelley)
A living room with jewel-tone green walls and bookshelves.
Understated pinks and golden toned wood play well against saturated green walls (Architectural Digest)
A living room with jewel-tone green walls and a fireplace.
High-gloss emerald green walls are elegant (decoist)
A jewel-tone living room with red walls and furniture.
Ruby red exudes warmth and glamour (
A living room with jewel-tone interior decorating featuring dark blue walls and a green couch.
Deep blue walls are distinct and sophisticated and the green sofa accents well (sanfranciscofabrics)

White walls set a dramatic background for colors to stand out.  They offer a blank canvas and neutralize the room.  Place other white accessories throughout the room for a nice balance.

Jewel-tone accents in a living room with white furniture.
White walls make colors appear more vibrant and fresh (decoist)
A living room with colorful jewel-tone furniture and a fireplace.
Vibrant jewel tones stand out against white walls (inteiorsbycolor)
A living room with jewel-tone curtains.
Emerald green curtain panels highlight the windows (HGTV)
A jewel-tone living room with blue and yellow accents.
Emerald green and blue sapphire furniture, enveloped in bright yellow window treatments (splendidhabitat)
A living room with jewel-tone interior decorating featuring blue velvet couches and a fireplace.
Lovely sapphire blue upholstered pieces highlight this room (stellarinteriordesign)

Go for beautiful jewel tone fabrics on furniture and mix it up.  Pair a blue velvet sofa with purple or emerald chairs.  Try a different gem colored fabric for every dining room chair to create a melody of jewels around the table.

A jewel-tone living room with colorful chairs.
A green sofa is accompanied by blue, turquoise and fuchsia chairs (Pinterest)
A dining room with jewel-tone chairs and a vibrant damask wallpaper.
Different colored chairs bring a vibrant, festive feel to the dining room (ohmigoshblog.blogspot)
A jewel-tone living room with a zebra print ottoman.
A plush blue sofa accented with amethyst pillows and ottoman (splendidhabitat)

If you’re not ready to take the full plunge into an array of jewel-tone colors throughout your room, add just a few pieces to accent.  Place vibrant throw pillows on the sofa, add a vase of fresh colorful flowers or use a bold area rug.

Decorating with What You Love
A living room adorned with vibrant jewel-tone curtains and furniture.
Add just a few bright pillows for a touch of jewel color (iondecorating)
A living room featuring a large jewel-tone painting on the wall.
Some bright flowers and pillows contrast nicely with a sapphire blue chair (georgetownrowhouse)
A living room with jewel-tone interior decorating and a chandelier.
A bright rug can add just the right amount of vibrant color to a room (ikdeadecoration)

Immerse yourself in just a pair of jewel tones, such as sapphire blue with emerald green or deep amethyst.  Mix with metallic, white or black to balance out the room.

A living room with jewel-tone interior decorating featuring a blue sofa and green pillows.
Turquoise and green combine for a soothing ambiance (Wayfair)
A living room with jewel-tone blue furniture and a chandelier.
Gorgeous blues and purples combine to make a statement (designindulgences)

Create rooms worthy of a fine platinum or gold setting; rooms that glow with brilliant color and cool sophistication.  Whether you choose ruby red, blue sapphire, emerald green or other beautiful jewel tones, play with contrasts and enjoy the multi-faceted mix.


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