Top 5 Wallpaper Trends In 2017 – Contemporary Options In Wallpaper

A hallway with trendy striped walls and mirrors.

Let’s look at the top 5 wallpaper trends in 2017. It’s true! Indeed, decorators are choosing wallpaper. Because the choices are almost endless, you can choose almost any color, pattern, or texture. In fact, you can choose from more wallpaper than ever before.

The wallpaper trend is hot. Of course, you might think wallpaper is stodgy. However, wallpapers trend hot today because there are so many contemporary choices.

Let’s take a look at the top ways you can use wallpaper today.


First up, accent walls. In fact, accent walls have trended hot in recent years. And why not? Because they create a focal point, they look dramatic in every room.

A bedroom with a bed and a bedside table showcasing top wallpaper trends.
Indeed, an accent wall in the bedroom is romantic. (
A pink bedroom with top wallpaper trends and flowers on the wall.
A bedroom accent wall adds coziness. (


Because texture adds visual interest, it’s a hot trend. Textured wallpaper adds a classic element. When you combine it with trendy colors, the result is sublime.

A living room with top wallpaper trends in black and pink damask design.
Indeed, traditional flocked wallpapers marry well with trend colors. (
A bedroom with textured red and brown wallpaper.
Also, you can choose classic flocked wallpapers to pair with contemporary furniture. (


The foyer is high traffic. Walls get smudged. Because wallpaper is wipeable, this is a trend to follow! In addition, it’s stunning to look at! Geometric prints keep the look fresh for 2017.

A hallway with trendy striped walls and mirrors.
Indeed, this foyer looks modern in horizontal striped wallpaper. (
Wow visitors with a stunning orange and white striped wall in the foyer.
on the other hand, vertical stripes are always on point. (


Because they are fun and modern, geometric wallpaper is all the rage. In fact, decorators love the clean lines of circles and stripes.

A room with zebra print wallpaper.
Choose a fun circle print. (


Finally, look to fun, trendy colors. In fact, today’s wallpapers are found in every color. If you don’t believe it, Google it. You will find wallpapers from neutral to bold in hue.

A black and white floral wallpaper highlighting top wallpaper trends.
In fact, the black and white combo trends hot with wallpapaer. (
A bedroom with trendy purple wallpaper and a comfy bed.
Fun purple wallpaper for charms.
A living room with metallic blue wallpaper and white furniture for dimension and shimmer.
Beautiful soft green metallic wallpaper (writespell)

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  1. kenneth robineson

    I love the concept of using lots of little things put together to create something more than the “sum of the parts”. Plus, it makes it easy to swap one or two things and create something new and different. Thank you very much for sharing!

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