The Next Most Popular Wall Paint Colours

Here the hot trending wall paint colours that you should notice first.


The colour of the wall in your room plays an important aspect in your personality and everyday life. Here are the top trending paint colours that you should notice first before anyone else notices them.

A Beautiful Turquoise Blue

01-hbx-behr-tropical-tide-lgnThe colour blue has always been far ahead as a wall paint colour than any other colour. This colour is now being followed by green and a beautiful turquoise blue wall paint colour is a bridge between them. When you enter a room with turquoise blue wall you feel that you are in warm sunny room and it’s an instant getaway.

Green Colour

02-hbx-pantone-linden-green-lgnGreen has always been an important wall paint colour. We use green to celebrate and preserve nature and this colour is renewable and refreshing. Also, one can always see hope in green.

Grey with a Hint of Green

03-hbx-benjamin-moore-sea-haze-lgnPeople who want quieter surroundings with just a pop of colour are going for this wall paint colour. Grey also works well with yellow which is also another trending colour. Grey has always been popular.

Midnight Blue

04-hbx-glidden-indigo-night-lgnMidnight blue wall paint colour edging toward purple is a relaxing and soothing colour and is considered to be so enveloping that you get lost in it. This colour can make your room the best place to escape from all the chaos in your life.

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Pink with Chalky Grey Undertones

05-hbx-valspar-salmon-run-lgnPretty colours and pastel colours are trending colours. This wall paint colour is sophisticated and elegant and it has a warm, soft-touch which feels very embracing.


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