What Type of Stone Is Used Within the Home?

A rocking chair with a pillow and a coffee mug made of stone.

The different types of stones used in the home depend on the specific use case. Another factor is a homeowner’s personal preference and choice of interior design. Still, you have many options at your fingertips when you want to use stone inside your home. The only challenge is deciding where to use it and where you can find a reliable natural stone supplier. Here’s a short breakdown of your options to point you in the right direction before contacting the distributor. 


Granite ranks among the heavier types of stone on the planet, so why is it used in the hall if it’s pretty tricky to transport, cut, and shape too? The answer essentially comes down to the stone’s aesthetic appeal. You can always spot granite by the specks of minerals and colors swirled throughout the slab. Color is where granite shines because it comes in dozens of varieties, making it easy to match with a home’s interior design and decor. That’s why you’ll find granite in rooms that demand a theme like a kitchen, bathroom, or even an outdoor patio.

A living room with a black marble wall.


Marble may not be as hard as granite, but it’s just as prevalent inside the home. Why? Basically, it once again boils down to aesthetic appeal – and price! Marble is pretty abundant, so the standard varieties shouldn’t cost as much as granite. The exception is when you want to use a rare type. On the other hand, the catch is that you’re essentially stuck with whites, grays, and black as the primary colors, whereas granite comes in many more varieties. The good news is that marble is easier to shape since it’s a “soft” rock.

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A marble staircase.


Another popular choice is quartzite, which you can always spot by its sparkling characteristics. Depending on the type of finish to apply, granite and sparkling features, too, but that’s not the main aesthetic appeal, and you’re using granite. So, when you want to use a stone that catches and reflects light well, you really can’t go wrong with quartzite. Not only that, but the natural cleaves in quartzite also display a rustic, earthy look. Color-wise, Quartzsite, AZ ingest as many shades and talents as granite.

A bathroom with a tub, sink and mirror made of stone.


The last type of stone in this article is travertine, and while it may not be as popular as marble, granite, or quartzite, it’s becoming more fashionable when you want to stick with a cream-colored theme. Marble can have creamy hues, too, but not in the same consistency as travertine stone. You can use travertine on a home’s exterior and the interior. It’s that versatile, and you can’t say the same about many other types of stone. The only problem is finding a supplier who offers a variety of options aside from the ordinary kind.

A bathroom with a marble bathtub and tiled walls.

Overall, those are the four types of stone most often used inside the home. The idea is to use a rock with a particular aesthetic that matches your interior design.

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