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We’ve all heard of the man cave and even perhaps the diva den.  Now we enter the era of the she shed.  It is generally the man that takes over the garage and calls it his own.  Now women can have their own space detached somewhat from the home.  Introducing the She Shed; the answer to the Man Cave.  The she shed can be a garden shed conversion or any outside structure that a woman can call her own.  Here is a selection of various she sheds to inspire you to create your own space.

Stylish she shed
Stylish she shed (ottawacitizen)

The she shed can be anything.  It can be a place to entertain friends, a solitary retreat, an art studio, a cozy gardening shed to spend time with nature or a retreat for nurturing the soul.

Modern she shed
Modern she shed (

The she shed only requires a small space and a bit of imagination.  If you have space in your backyard, you can construct or purchase a ready made shed and design it to accommodate the type of place you wish it to be.

Welcoming she shed
Welcoming she shed (lowes)
Colorful she shed
Colorful she shed (nearsay)

For the busy mom or businesswoman who never seems to have enough time for herself, the she shed can offer a space that is away from it all but within a short walking distance from home…actually, a short walk from the back door.  The lady of the house can enjoy a little reading, television or just hanging out with a friend in her she shed.

Cozy she shed
Cozy she shed (verdelifestyles)
She shed interior
She shed interior (shedplanskits)

For the woman who wishes to have a space in which to be herself and enjoy decorating it just as she wishes, the she shed is the perfect structure.  If you enjoy a variety of decorating styles but prefer a more edited style for your home, the she shed lets you explore a different side to your personality.

Bohemian she shed
Bohemian she shed (melanieapril)

Of course, the garden shed can be just a garden shed.  It can be the place where you store the gardening tools and supplies, re-pot plants and become inspired.  This space can also be a she shed for the woman who loves to garden and spends hours nurturing the garden.

Garden she shed
Garden she shed (

The she shed can be created as a retreat; a place in which to escape for a few hours to meditate, read or simply enjoy some downtime.  Furnish this particular she shed with a cozy daybed or hammock for naps and relaxation.

Inviting she shed
Inviting she shed (lightersideofrealestate)
Relaxing she shed
Relaxing she shed (lifebuzz)
Cozy she shed
Cozy she shed (purewow)

A cozy little she shed is a wonderful addition to the backyard, giving the garden a special element of charm.

Lovely she shed
Lovely she shed (sunnyskyz)
Charming she shed
Charming she shed (interiorsbystudiom)

For some women, the she shed calls for shabby chic or feminine charm to set it apart and to create a truly “she” space.

Pretty in pink she shed
Pretty in pink she shed (popsugar)
Shabby chic she shed
Shabby chic she shed (countryliving)
Sweet she shed
Sweet she shed (

For the diva or the woman who appreciates the small luxuries in life, an elegant she shed is in order.  Create a space that is glamorous and houses all the little luxuries you crave such as sumptuous furnishings, dazzling lighting and pretty accessories.

Glamorous she shed
Glamorous she shed (myrtlebeachonline)
Luxurious she shed
Luxurious she shed (ocregister)

For the woman who appreciates nature and may even enjoy camping out, the rustic she shed is a perfect space.  Hang string lights through the trees and around the shed for a great touch of ambiance and for seeing your way at night.

Wooded she shed
Wooded she shed (thekittays)

An all-purpose she shed is a great escape and gives the industrious woman a place to create, wind down and relax.

Stylish and spacious she shed
Stylish and spacious she shed (

Create a cozy she shed with all the comforts of a home away from home.

Country style she shed
Country style she shed (countryliving)

A she shed that is zen-like can give a woman serenity and a place to practice yoga or a spot just to enjoy nature and solitude.

Zen she shed
Zen she shed (shesheddecor)

More and more women are craving a space that is truly their own; a space where they can escape the daily grind and demands of family and work.  Women today are taking charge and incorporating she sheds into their backyard space and enjoying the benefits.  Men have their caves; now women have their sheds.  It’s not so much about men from Mars and women from Venus – it’s about men in their caves and women in their sheds.


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