Upholstered Walls for Sophisticated Glamour

Upholstered wall
Upholstered wall (Pinterest)

There are many ways to update your walls.  You can paint, paper, panel or install murals.  To achieve a look of luxury, you can upholster your walls or simply use fabric to cover one wall for an accent.  Here is a selection of upholstered walls for sophisticated glamour in your home.

Upholstered walls
Upholstered walls (encoreupholsteryanddesign)

One way to achieve the sophisticated look of upholstered walls is to use panels.  These can be installed to custom-fit your wall space and complement the look with definitive lines, creating a tailored pattern.

Upholstered wall panels
Upholstered wall panels (holzmaninteriors)

Upholstered panels can be created with borders to give a very detailed look and add dimension to the room.

Upholstered walls
Upholstered walls (casazeta.it)

Fabric applied to the walls can be a very rich look for a room.  For something completely luxurious, try suede or leather on the walls.

Upholstered walls
Upholstered walls (andrewwrightinteriors)

A beautiful patterned fabric is easily coordinated with decorative fabrics for window treatments and upholstery to give the room a cohesive look.

Upholstered walls
Upholstered walls (Sara Bilbane Interiors)
Upholstered walls
Upholstered walls (dailyherald)

Tufted upholstery panels and accent walls are a great way to add a touch of glamour to your rooms.  In the living room, dining room or bedroom, this style is sure to impress.

Upholstered walls flank the fireplace and provide a soft backing for benches in this living room.

Upholstered accent wall
Upholstered accent wall (décor.zoom)

A beautiful blue upholstered panel in this dining area serves as a backrest and accent wall to the bench seating.

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Upholstered accent wall
Upholstered accent wall (decoist)

In the dining room, sumptuous velvet tufted upholstered panels accent this wall and back additional built-in seating.

Upholstered accent wall
Upholstered accent wall (Houzz)

Upholstered panels are seen largely in bedrooms as accent walls behind a bed.  This proves to be a multi-purpose treatment for it not only provides a headboard but gives the bedroom an interesting accent.

Upholstered accent wall
Upholstered accent wall (decorgirl.net)
Upholstered accent wall
Upholstered accent wall (crypton)

A coordinating upholstered headboard and feature wall play well into the cozy bedroom aesthetic.

Upholstered accent wall
Upholstered accent wall (Designer Patrick Sutton via Luxe)
Upholstered walls
Upholstered walls (decorpad)
Upholstered wall
Upholstered wall (shazcor)

Paneled upholstered walls in the bedroom make the room special.  Not only does upholstery provide softness to the room but it contributes depth and dimension.  Fabric covered walls and padded upholstery panels create a cozy space and give the room a touch of luxury.

Upholstered walls
Upholstered walls (ajc)
Upholstered walls
Upholstered walls (home-designing)

For an unexpected punch to your walls, why not try upholstery?  It lends a great amount of dimension and interest, as well as sophisticated glamour to your rooms.  Put away the paintbrush and wallpaper and go for something more tactile and interesting with upholstered walls.



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