Glass Mosaic Pool Tiles 

Glass mosaic pool tiles are an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor pools thanks to the many exciting benefits that cannot be achieved with any other option. Glass provides a non-porous material that is sleek and simple to maintain, making it an excellent fit for use in the pool while also providing the necessary benefit of holding up exceptionally well when submerged in water.

Glass mosaic tiles are also available in an impressive range of colours, allowing you to get creative when designing your perfect pool area as you can achieve your own completely customised look while also having the freedom of creating murals and patterns using mosaic tiles. When shopping for your new pool tiles, creating a clear vision of the look and feel you want to achieve is a great way to start on your design journey; designer tile stores will assist you in the creation of your perfect look, making sure you achieve the exact look you are after while ensuring the very best materials are included for a long lasting and high quality finish. 

How are Glass Pool Tiles Applied?

As glass pool tiles are constantly completely submerged underwater, the laying process requires both a different method and different materials than the types most often used for traditional tiles. Developed by the world renowned designer tile brand Bisazza, the hot melt tile application system uses polyurethane thermoset adhesive. This adhesive creates a strong bond between the tiles and the pool’s surface while also allowing the tiler to easily manipulate the tiles during the laying process to ensure a perfect end result. The product also provides the benefits of being UV resistant, making it a perfect fit for the outdoors.

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Creating Colour in your Outdoor Pool

Using glass mosaic pool tiles allows you the creative freedom to achieve a completely custom colour in your outdoor pool. The colours present in your new pool tiles will of course show through the clear water, reflecting and refracting light to create a glittering and colourful experience in your outdoor space. Popular colours include blue, aqua or green however, as there are so many exciting options available in glass mosaic tiles, you have the option of selecting a completely custom colour or even pattern in your new pool. 

Aside from allowing you to create a custom colour scheme in your outdoor pool, glass mosaic tiles can also help you create a pattern or mural. Many collections of glass tile manufacturers include a range of exciting geometric patterns and designs within their collections, giving you the option of a solid colour choice, a blend of different colours or images created completely out of tiles for a unique and personalised experience. 

Caption: As glass pool tiles are available in such a vast range of colour options, the possibilities in creating a completely custom coloured pool are endless. This luxurious pool uses a range of recycled glass tiles that show streaks of blue, aqua, green and grey, creating a soothing and tranquil vibe in the outdoor space.

The Benefits of Glass Mosaic Pool Tiles

Glass mosaic pool tiles provide an impressive range of benefits, from allowing you to get more creative with colour and pattern to providing a wonderfully hygienic tile option for the pool. These tiles will also stand up extremely well against fading as a result of sunlight while also being able to withstand the chemical composition of products that are used to keep your pool’s water clean, ensuring a highly durable and long lasting surface finish for your new indoor or outdoor pool. Glass mosaic pool tiles can also be used along the edges of the pool as well as on the steps leading into the pool itself to create a sense of continuity in your new design scheme. 

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Caption: The colour of your new glass mosaic pool tiles will of course, show through the clear water, creating a specific atmosphere in your indoor or outdoor pool area. Traditional blue, green or aqua tiles are most often used however, there are many exciting options available to choose from that will allow you to create your own unique style, from rich purples to deep black options.

Glass is a non-porous material, meaning that the surface does not include tiny holes (or pores) that will allow bacteria or moisture to enter into the body of the tile. This quality ensures that glass mosaic tiles are the perfect fit for the pool where your tiles are constantly submerged in water. Furthermore, a quality glass pool tile will be UV resistant, ensuring an even and consistent finish over time. When paired with the popular hot melt application system as noted above, your new pool tiles will be extremely durable and be able to withstand the extreme conditions expected in outdoor environments. 

Creating Artwork using Glass Mosaic Pool Tiles

As a result of the small format of mosaics, these types of tiles can easily be wrapped across curved surfaces, allowing you to create a range of feature design elements in your new indoor or outdoor pool design. Another exciting way to create a bold feature in your pool’s tiling scheme is to take advantage of the tile’s smaller size by creating your own artwork and patterns. By combining contrasting colours, you can transform your pool into a unique show piece by coating it with a custom mural or pattern using mosaic tiles. 

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Caption: A world leader in custom pool tile artwork, Bisazza glass mosaic tiles can be custom ordered to suit your colour preferences and size requirements, ensuring the perfect look for your new indoor or outdoor pool. These unique and trend setting tiles create the ultimate ‘wow factor’ in any design scheme!

Certain collections of glass mosaic pool tiles are available in a selection of patterns and images; these are custom ordered from specialty designer tile stores where you have the freedom of selecting your preferred colours and patterns. The designs themselves are customised to suit your pool’s dimensions as well, ensuring the patterns or images are perfectly in proportion with your requirements. There are many different options available to choose from, including decorative florals and stunning geometric patterns. You also have the freedom of designing your own completely custom artwork for a truly magical experience in your new pool’s design scheme. 

Mosaic pool tiles are perhaps the most popular option when it comes to selecting a finish for your new indoor or outdoor pool as they offer a high level of customisation, allowing you more creative freedom in your design options while also being a strong, durable and immensely hard wearing option that can easily withstand the elements of an outdoor environment while also being completely underwater and in contact with the usual pool chemicals and treatments. These impressive qualities ensure glass mosaic tiles are the perfect choice for your indoor or outdoor pool, allowing you to create a completely custom experience in your new design scheme!

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