Design and Construction Tips for Your Pool

Swimming pool construction requires careful planning if you want to make the best use of your space and create a pool that offers maximum benefits. Planning for the design and construction of your swimming pool can be challenging, but these tips can help make the process easier for you.

Make a wish list

While you may not be clear on the finer details, you definitely have an idea of what exactly you want your swimming pool to look like and an overall image of some designs and features that you’re interested in. Making a wish list of the overall look of your swimming pool serves as a tentative plan for what you actually want and can make the process a lot easier for your pool builder. 

Keep a pool design book ready

There are different pool designs that look great and work for different purposes. Traditional rectangular designs, Figure 8 designs, freeform designs, oval designs, and Roman or Grecian designs are just some of the many designs that you can choose for your swimming pool. Collecting photos of pool designs that you’re interested in will give your builder a clear picture of what you’re expecting and enable them to tell you whether the design is possible in the space you have. 

Pay attention to the weather in your region

Your area’s weather can impact decisions relating to pool design and construction. Using enclosures can prolong the pool season in colder regions while an indoor pool would be more beneficial in wet regions. Pool heaters can come in handy in temperate climates, while pool covers are beneficial in windy areas or areas with a lot of trees. A pool cover will prevent the evaporation of water from your pool and keep leaves and debris out of it.

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Account for pool usage

Take into consideration how you will be using the swimming pool when you’re planning to install your pool. The usage of the swimming pool can have a significant impact on the design ultimately chosen. If physical activity in the pool is your objective, then doing laps is necessary, which means you’ll want to go with a rectangular pool. Such swimming pools are also excellent options if you’ve got kids at home who are likely to bring over their friends and play games in the pool. If, however, your objective is to relax with your partner after a tiring day of work, a plunge pool would be a better option.  

Decide on a budget and consider long term expenses

Budget considerations cannot be ignored when planning your pool design and construction. You must take into consideration not just the cost of installing your new pool, but also the long term expenses associated with pool maintenance and design. Regular maintenance will keep your swimming pool safe and healthy, so you can’t skip it. Make sure to account for the cost of initial installation as well as ongoing maintenance when planning your budget for your pool.   

Adhere to local building codes

While a professional builder will ensure this is done, it’s important that you also know about the building codes that need to be considered for pool construction. Some regions may require a particular height for perimeter fences or necessitate fences that lock. You should also be aware of building permits/restrictions, property tax issues, and noise policies in your area.  

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Plan for the pool features you want

There are several features that can make your pool stand out. You can choose to have LED lighting, fountains, waterfalls, pool seats, and even slides in your swimming pool. There are also several finishes that you can choose for pool surfaces, tiles, decking, and other features that can enhance the appeal of your pool. Plan these features wisely, taking into consideration what they will cost and how you envision your completed swimming pool to look.  

Go green

Making sure you incorporate eco-friendly practices for your swimming pool will not only help the environment, but it will also help you save on energy bills in the long run. You can use solar heaters, natural filtering methods, and even alternatives to pool chemicals to maintain an eco-friendly pool. Using an enclosure and timers for pumps and lighting will help you save on energy costs associated with your pool. A swimming pool cover will also prevent the loss of water through evaporation, saving your money and time.   

Consider the area’s landscaping

Landscaping is a big deal when it comes to planning for your swimming pool. Your backyard’s landscaping can change the whole experience of your swimming pool, so it needs to be planned with care. Make sure you plan your landscaping to complement the look of your pool and the vibe you’re trying to create. Make use of plants to lend your backyard some much-needed greenery. Instead of going for messy trees, sycamores, or trees that have shallow roots near the pool, choose bushy but short perennials that can be easily moved.  

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Pay attention to safety

It’s important to maintain the safety of your swimming pool beyond just the fencing requirements. Adding alarm systems is a great way to make sure you’re alerted in case anyone enters the water. These systems make use of motion sensors to alert you to any movement in the pool. You can also make use of child-proof locks to the gates of your swimming pool or maintain security alarms on windows leading to your backyard so that your pool is a safe place.

Get a professional to install your swimming pool

When planning for swimming pool installation, work with a professional. There are many places that offer DIY fiberglass pools, and you’ll find lots of articles online that will encourage you to undertake a DIY job and experience how easy it is. These are misleading though, because they don’t inform you of all the extra work that will need to be undertaken, which a professional can help you with.

With a professional, you won’t have to worry about getting the necessary permits and adhering to specific codes. They’ll be able to assess the land and consider your needs while determining which would be the best pool option for you. They can even offer valuable suggestions to you and help you save on expenses in the long run by making sure your swimming pool is installed with all the necessary checks in place.  

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