Is A Black Bottom Pool A Good Option?

A house with a black bottom pool in the backyard.

Having a glittering swimming pool in the backyard is a dream come true for many homeowners. When we think of a swimming pool, the first thing that comes to mind is the shining white or azure blue bottom of the pool. But some adventurous homeowners are installing swimming pools with black bottoms, and this trend is becoming extremely popular.

Black bottom swimming pools may appear ostentatious or avant-garde, but they have numerous benefits and attractive features. When completed, they are incredible to look at and add charm and mystery to your backyard.

Choosing the perfect swimming pool for your backyard is a huge decision, and a lot of monetary investment goes behind it. So, it is crucial to have a thorough knowledge of everything pertaining to swimming pools before making a decision. You can choose the best pool bottom colour suited for you after knowing the details and benefits and drawbacks of a black bottom pool.

Colours available for a black bottom pool

One of the most critical components of a pool is its surface colour. There are numerous dark tones available for black bottom swimming pools. Some of them include:


Black is one of the best choices for pool owners looking for a dramatic effect. You can have a swimming pool with the darkest surface imaginable. Make sure to have good lighting so that you can see the bottom of the pool.


The hues available range from silver to practically black. The grey bottom will help to enhance the beautiful blue colour of the swimming pool water. Grey, especially lighter grey, is one of the least striking choices since the pool water will still have a bluish hue.

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Dark blue

The most common colour used for pool construction is blue. You can use really dark shades of blue to get a black bottom-like feel. If you choose the right shade, you can even have an ocean-like vibe sitting in your swimming pool.


Green is a less popular shade and is more suited for people looking for a lagoon-like vibe. Green will be best suited for your swimming pool if you have a lot of plants or greenery in your yard, giving it an aesthetically pleasing look.

Types of black bottom swimming pools

There are three major types of black bottom swimming pools, namely concrete, vinyl liner, and fibreglass pools. You can decide on the best one suited for your needs after having a thorough knowledge of the features of the three pools.

Fibreglass pools

These pools can be used to create an impact since the colours will come out really intense. Numerous shades are available for fibreglass pools, and they add charm and sparkle to the backyard.

Concrete pools

A lot of design flexibility is available with concrete pools. But the pigmentation is slightly less than what we see in fibreglass pools.

Vinyl liner pools

These pools can be customised using mosaics or marble. They are also inclined to fade and need to be replaced frequently. If you are interested in trying out a pool with a black bottom, then you can go for a vinyl liner pool.

Things to consider before deciding on a black bottom swimming pool

There are several things that should be carefully considered before deciding to install a swimming pool with a black bottom. Some of them include:

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Safety is one of the major considerations that come into the picture while installing a swimming pool. This is especially a major concern if you have kids or pets, who are more susceptible to accidents. Several people consider black-bottom swimming pools hazardous after seeing the pictures and imagining the difficulty of seeing the bottom. But this is not necessarily true. You can easily see anyone who is in the swimming pool, even if the bottom is dark-coloured. You can also easily keep an eye on a small kid who is in the pool.

The real issue with a black bottom swimming pool is depth perception. Shallow pools may appear deeper than they actually are, causing unwanted accidents, mostly diving accidents. You can avoid them by cautioning your guests about the pool depth and even placing a “No Diving” board near the swimming pool.


The swimming pools with a black bottom will be warmer than traditional pools. This is because dark colours will retain more heat than light colours. This extra warmth can either be an advantage or disadvantage, depending on your preference. If you are someone who loves a warm dip in the pool, then you can save money on your heating bills by installing a black bottom swimming pool. Swimming pools with a black bottom are a good choice for people living in colder climates. But if you are likely to experience scorching summers, then it is best to opt for a traditional pool.


Swimming pools are a huge expense, and pool owners usually try to save money wherever they can while installing one in their backyard. So, if you are a bit tight on your budget, then traditional pools may be suited for you. But if you can cough up some extra money, then a black bottom swimming pool can add veritable charm to your backyard.

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The cleaning and maintenance of a black bottom swimming pool are similar to those of a traditional swimming pool. In fact, black bottom swimming pools quite efficiently hide the need for maintenance. For example, since the pool bottom is dark, you may not notice algae growth until it surfaces as patches on top of the pool.

Changes in swimming experience

Apart from having warmer water, there is not much difference in the swimming experience in a black bottom swimming pool. The main attraction for people is the novelty of swimming in it. But before installing a black bottom swimming pool, make sure no one in the family has thalassophobia, which is the fear of deep water bodies. People with this phobia may find it difficult to swim in pools with black bottoms since they give the appearance of depth.

Black bottom swimming pools give a sophisticated and mysterious look to your backyard. By carefully considering the various aspects, you can also install a beautiful pool in your backyard. Our friendly pool builders perth can advise you on whether or not this type of pool is suitable for your backyard.

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