Choosing Glass Pool Fencing in Perth, WA For The Safety Of The Kids

A woman is enjoying breakfast on a balcony with glass pool fencing overlooking the ocean.

Children under age five account for the most common cause of death due to drowning in Australia, with strict laws implemented since the early 90s for preventative measures. The rules show some success, but the consensus between the Australian standard and the “BCA Code” is that there need to be more stringent safety policies in place to keep the children protected. 

The rules for pool fencing in Perth, WA, consistently update so children remain safe and avoid preventable accidents like drownings from garden pools in the Australian countryside. Unfortunately, homeowners are under the gross misperception that raising a pool fence can be budget-draining and lack curb appeal, but this is far from fact.

With the many options available, the fence can serve double duty as a defense mechanism and a garden feature, particularly with the lovely glass barriers that blend seamlessly with nature’s backdrop. These intended safety blocks don’t have to be bulky or unattractive; they can complement the surrounding aesthetic and do their job.

Glass Pool Fencing Materials, A Good Choice For Safety Sakes

A glass pool fence in WA will blend with the beauty of a garden’s natural aesthetic, meaning to show these off while still providing a safety barrier from danger to small children and pets. Unfortunately, while a pool serves as an excellent source of entertainment and joy for a family, it can also prove tragic for children under the age of five in Australia. That’s a typical age when a child accidentally drowns from a backyard garden’s pool due to a lack of safety precautions.

The country is implementing more stringent laws about poolside safety preventatives, including incorporating fencing to keep young children from gaining access without the presence of an adult. Go to for a guide on the Australian regulations on poolside fencing for safety purposes.

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The Department of Commerce requires all fencing to comply with the set standards for the safety of the children. However, that doesn’t mean the design can’t be visually appealing to your garden’s aesthetic.

There are a variety of materials used to create pool fences, with some more popular than others. One of these, in particular growing in demand increasingly, is the glass option for which many people find particularly pleasing in their garden settings. Others will use aluminum, PVC, or steel. 

Glass Pool Fencing

The contemporary appeal of the material in pool fencing is growing more and more in demand for barrier purposes in Australia, not only for its naturally beautiful aesthetic but also for durability and security. You can either get a framed version or a frameless one. With the frameless option, you gain an unobtrusive view of the stunning pool. Yet, little ones won’t be able to access the water regardless of their efforts due to the exceptional safety design of the fencing.

The use of this material gives parents the peace of mind that their children are safe at all times. Still, the elegance of the design retains the sophistication of the garden in every situation. Whether you’re in the pool looking out into the loveliness of the natural surroundings or when you’re viewing the gorgeous pool scape from the safety of the patio at dinner.

A table with a drink and a view of the water featuring Glass Pool Fencing.

Mounting And Installation

While It’s exciting to have a pool added to a Perth garden, precautions need implementing to ensure all family members remain safe when adults are not in the water or poolside (or outside at all.) That means having fencing with locked gates to assure security from little ones.

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It is possible to DIY your fence install, but it’s wise to speak with a professional, particularly relating to glass installation, to ensure careful mounting without breakage. Also, according to Australian law, there are specific rules and regulations to follow, for which an expert would have direct knowledge and follow accordingly. 

Without that expertise and skill, you could face repercussions, including severe fines for not following laws for width, height, and design. The goal with these laws is not to make having a pool challenging for homeowners; it’s to ensure fewer accidents and prevent deaths among the younger population. Look here for guidance on how to avoid penalties due to non-compliance with Australian regulations.

Even though having a fence is a requirement, the option to select one suitable for your particular landscape is your decision, with many people today opting for the modern, stylish glass material. People turn more away from the wooden stick and plastic built fencing due to the stringent rules when constructing your own barrier.

A tubular metal option has the designation as the most affordable choice. Still, these aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as a frameless wall of glass that can match nearly any landscape, blending nature and material seamlessly. That option is, of course, less budget-friendly, but it doesn’t mean that your pool specialist won’t be able to work out a way to make the option work for you.

Final Thought

When it comes to creating serenity plus a touch of coolness to the landscape when temperatures hit extreme degrees, many Perth residents turn to the addition of a pool. The only downside to the acquisition is that there needs to be fencing around it immediately upon installation. That means you need to have each set of contractors working simultaneously, so both constructions are complete at the same time. Click here to see other services these professional teams offer.

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The use of a professional installer for fencing is wise since there are stringent laws in place as to the dimensions and design for string safety purposes, even if no minor children are living in your home. There is the potential for a neighborhood child to wander into the yard and a dreadful accident to occur.

The statistics for deaths of little ones in Australia due to drowning are astounding, and the country’s response was to enforce strict poolside regulations for preventative measures. 

That doesn’t mean you can’t choose attractive materials such as a lovely contemporary, modern frameless fence to highlight the beauty of your garden. Still, the primary consideration is the security of the pool.

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