9 Amazing Ways to Maximize Storage Space in Your Kitchen

A collage of vintage kitchens.

Most people struggle with keeping the kitchen clutter in order daily. It gets challenging, especially for a huge family, to keep things organized and tidy in the kitchen. Try to figure out the issues leading to a daily mess that takes you hours to clean.

Think of creative ideas to maximize kitchen storage. Find out any unused area in your kitchen that can be modified for storage. Even if we spend so much time in the kitchen, we often forget actually to pay attention to small details. Let’s get on some amazing tips for organizing and maximizing space for storage in your kitchen.

Clear the Counter Clutter:

Even if you clean the counter after every meal, things will often seem out of place. You can buy a tray to store your essentials like utensils, spices, canisters, and oils. Moreover, you can use a beautiful tray for display.

Stash your utensils in a holder and add liquids like oil and vinegar in glass bottles. Your countertop will stay tidy and organized.

Add a Kitchen Island:

Some people avoid adding a kitchen island if the space is small. Well, it is possible to install a lovely island that can accommodate your area. Adding an adequate amount of counter space in your kitchen is also essential to work comfortably. You can create a U-shaped counter design so that you can have considerable floor space.

A kitchen with a center island.
Indeed, a kitchen sink is appreciated on the island. (har.com)

Having more counter space enhances the visual appearance of your kitchen and makes it appear more spacious. You can Laminate Benchtops at Kaboodle Australia to ensure a good quality island counter for your kitchen.

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Maximize Your Pantry Space:

While a kitchen pantry already has a good space, you can double your storage with the proper storage techniques. For example, you can use expandable spice racks to hold all your sprinkles and food coloring. Make sure that the stand has multiple tiers so that each bottle is visible.

You can place your kitchen appliances in the pantry instead of stacking them up on the kitchen counter. Take out only the device that you need and store the rest.

Utilize Over-the-Sink Space:

If you have ample sink space, you can utilize it efficiently. When you put up a typical dish rack, it ends up taking up space on the countertop. Consider buying a drainer rack that floats above your kitchen sink by attaching it to the bottom.

To make the drainer more stylish, look for one with wood handles and white metals to give it a minimalistic look. You can buy a vast compartment and store things like plates, utensils, and glasses. Place a cutting board on top of the sink that comes with a collapsible colander to help wash the fruits and veggies.

Use Your Under-Sink Storage:

Most people use under-the-sink space to store garbage bins, cleaning products, and stray glassware.

A kitchen with a white modern farmhouse sink.
An apron (farmhouse) sink is a classic touch in the farmhouse kitchen (thekitchn)

But you can effectively store your things by adding a two-tier rack. It will allow you to stay organized and avoid a mess every other day. Make sure to measure our cabinet size to match that of the organizer rack.

Add More Shelves:

Consider installing floating shelves on the side of the cabinet to help store things. This way, you can avoid a cluttered mess of dishware and appliances.

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Install a paper towel holder that extends from the wall. Clean off your counter space by quickly reaching the paper towel.

Use a Magnetic Fridge Organizer:

Get creative with organizing and get yourself a magnetic organizer and attach it to your fridge. You can store lightweight items like paper towels, mittens, scissors, gloves, etc.

It can also be used to add aluminum foil and plastic wrap, which can get lost in your cabinets. Other small things you can include in the magnetic bins are spoons, pens, pencils, and a notepad for writing down your memos.

Design a Pull Out Pantry:

If you do not have enough space for a separate pantry, there is no need to stress as pull-out pantries have been in trend. Design it according to your available area. You can get one installed on one side of the refrigerator as a narrow pull-out storage space.

By adding multiple racks, store your ingredients and easily access them. When you pull out the whole space, all your items will be visible, and you can stay organized by putting them back in place.

Install Cabinets Up to the Ceiling:

It is a great idea to take the cupboards up to the ceiling and maximize storage space. Even if it might be challenging to access the upper shelves, it tends to add more space.

A kitchen with antique white cabinets and granite counter tops.

You can store the least used utensils and appliances and keep your kitchen counter tidy. Having ceiling-high cabinets also enhances the visual appearance and expands the space.


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