Kitchen Islands – Centerpiece of the Kitchen

A spacious kitchen featuring a sizable island.

Kitchen islands are the multi-functional centerpiece of the kitchen.  They have been an integral part of the kitchen for so long now, it is hard to imagine the room without them.  Kitchen islands are a versatile and functional tool that add value and style to any kitchen.  With the variety of styles available, there is a kitchen island that meets just about everyone’s needs.

A red kitchen with a matching island.
A spacious kitchen featuring wood floors and a central island.

The advantages of a kitchen island are numerous.  Not only do they look great, but they provide extra counter space and food prep area.  They provide additional storage and areas for items such as a warming drawer, wine fridge, vegetable crisper and hidden nooks for appliances.

A kitchen with a center island.
A black kitchen island for your home.
A kitchen with a spacious island.

The kitchen island can contain a cooktop or a sink to help with meal preparation.  Having the island centrally located in the kitchen makes it the perfect spot for convenient access to everything, thus making it easier to put meals together.

A kitchen with an oven.
A kitchen with a center island.

The kitchen island is great for parties and family gatherings, as it allows the host to entertain guests while prepping meals.  Islands that are complete with a raised bar area are perfect for this function.  The kitchen has become the main gathering spot for many families and the central command center of the home.  The raised bar area is a major draw at breakfast and for quick meals.

A kitchen with a curved counter top on an island.
A kitchen featuring a blue island.
A kitchen with a table and chairs.

When choosing an island for the kitchen, you can select different countertop and cabinetry material than that of the rest of the kitchen.  This makes a great contrast and looks very stylish.  Choose wood, quartz, granite or glass for countertops and vary the stain or even style of the cabinetry for the island.

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A black and white kitchen with a marble counter top and kitchen island.
A kitchen featuring a center island.
A kitchen with a wooden island and a blue stove.

If space allows, a kitchen island is a major step toward more functionality in the kitchen.  It can be the center of the home; a place where you can prep meals, entertain guests and dine.  The kitchen island is an integral part of the home and can add great style.


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