Creating a Home Library in Any Space

A home library with bookshelves and a fireplace.

If you love books but find yourself constantly searching for more space to store your treasures, then a home library should be a definite consideration.  Whether you have space in your home to dedicate an entire room to a library or if space is at a premium, you can create a home library that fits your space and your inner bookworm.

A home library with bookshelves and a spiral staircase.
A home library with bookshelves and a red couch.

Frame a room in shelves.  Bookshelves surrounding the fireplace, doorway or even custom-made to surround large stationary pieces of furniture such as a sofa or bed, can blend into a space and provide plenty of room for book collections.

Home library with bookshelves.

A home library featuring an arched door with bookshelves.
A cozy fireplace in a home library.

Make the home library part of the living area.  Dedicate a wall to bookshelves and let them serve as the backdrop or even the focal point to the room.  Add decorative accessories, hang pictures from the bookshelf frame and install sconces to create a library space that blends with the room.

A home library featuring a yellow couch and bookshelves.
A home library with bookshelves and a couch.
A home library with a lot of bookshelves.

The second floor landing is an often overlooked space in the home and can be outfitted with bookshelves and even a window seat or nook for reading.  This serves as an ideal library that is out of the way yet easily accessible.

A cozy home library filled with bookshelves and a window.
A home library with bookshelves.
Camille McDaniel, designer

Dedicate a loft space or basement for a library.  Creating a basement library is a solution for those that want a quiet place to retreat where there is ample room for book storage.  You can install pre-made shelving or contract custom-made units for the basement and create a welcoming space for reading and storing books.  A loft area in the home is also an optimum space for a library.

A home library with a fireplace.
A home library with a spiral staircase and bookshelves.
A home library with bookshelves and a desk.

Turn a room not often used, such as a dining room or formal living area, into a library.  If you seldom use a room in your home, repurpose it for your needs.  Line the room with shelves and include comfortable seating and a table for doing homework, research or just enjoying a good read.

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A home library with a desk and bookshelves.
A home library with chairs in the living room.
A home library with bookshelves.

A walk-in closet can easily be converted into a library by adding shelving.  This is the opportune spot for a library if space is limited in your home.  If you have a guest bedroom where friends and family won’t be needing lots of closet space, leave a small rod for clothing and convert the rest of the closet into your library.

A home library corner with bookshelves and a chair.
A home office with bookshelves.

A home library to some may seem like a luxury.  However, it doesn’t have to be with a little planning that works with the space available to you.  Integrate the library into your living area, create a spot somewhere in the home, or dedicate an entire room to book space.  Either way, a home library is a luxury you can create in the space you have.


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