Top 3 Interior Design Trends in Los Angeles

A living room with contemporary design trends, featuring white walls and wooden floors.

You may not realize it, but Los Angeles is one of the trendiest places in the world. Many of the richest, most famous people live in Los Angeles and the surrounding area. They set the interior design trends, fashion trends, movie trends, and just about every other trend you can think of as well.

But today we’re here to focus on interior design trends in LA. Some exciting things are happening that the world needs to know about. Gorgeous luxury Glendale apartments like Altana look amazing with their stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors, 9-foot ceilings, Italian porcelain marble tile, recessed LED lighting, and other fantastic design ideas.

The same holds true for other downtown Los Angeles apartments like the modern apartments in Atelier. These beautiful living spaces have German hardwood-style flooring, Italian cabinets, Bosch stainless steel appliances, floor-to-ceiling windows with roll-down treatments, and so many other exciting design trends and amenities that it’s hard to keep track of them all.

We’ve barely scratched the surface discussing the exciting design trends happening in LA right now. We’d like to share some other great trends with you below. So keep reading to discover the true nature of interior design in Los Angeles.

1. Curves Are the Way to Go in 2019

For everyone seeking flawless apartment interior design, you’ll be happy to know that curves have made a serious comeback and they aren’t going away anytime soon. In fact, Los Angeles residents seem to be enamored with curves at this time.

Forget about hard lines in furniture, beds, armchairs, and more. You’re much better off choosing furniture and fixtures that have much softer curves. They seem to be the attractive option and the current interior design preference these days.

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So if you plan to buy new furniture in the future, we highly recommend going with curved choices. So find a curved sofa, bed, armchair, or any other piece that catches your fancy. Just as long as it has soft curves, it will definitely fit the bill as far as the current trends are concerned.

2. Hand-Painted Brushstrokes Are All the Rage These Days in Los Angeles

Today’s current obsession is striking and bold hand-painted brushstrokes. This decor trend is relatively new in 2019 but it really seems to be taking LA and the surrounding area by storm.

What types of items should contain bold and striking hand-painted brushstrokes? Textiles and prints containing hand-painted and abstract flair are definitely the way to go.

No one is saying you have to immediately commit to buying a brand-new sofa or rug using hand-painted brushstrokes. Instead of immediately going all in, think about buying a few pillows or maybe a piece of wall art that you can hang on one of your walls.

By starting off slow, you’ll determine if you like the style and you’ll also know whether or not it fits in your home. Definitely check out hand-painted brushstrokes on upholstery, rugs, and other interior design items because they are very popular right now in LA and we think you’ll love it.

3. It’s Time to Fully Embrace Nature in 2019

Design trends featuring cactus plants on a window sill.

Natural textures are also very popular right now. Even better, LA residents are starting to fill their homes with plants and other natural sources.

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These plants and natural textures are exciting because they can actually bring a feeling of Zen into the home. And they fit into your style and decor no matter what you happen to like. You’ll find natural textures and plants that perfectly match with your space and it will all go together very well.

Items containing natural textures include storage baskets, woven wall hangings, jute rugs, and more. And decorating with plants is a cinch, so we highly recommend putting some luscious greenery in your home to really brighten up the place.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the good folks living in Los Angeles definitely possess great taste and style. That’s why they are the individuals responsible for setting so many exciting trends. Their interior design trends are taking the world by storm. So if you’d like to decorate your home like the crafty people in LA, we highly recommend using these tips to make your place of abode completely gorgeous once again.

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